the madness continues…

Oh sweet Jebus Hector Christmas, that is what I call a weekend at the PHK. Ricky and Joe brought the pain on Friday with their most kick-ass dance party yet, and In The Year Of The Pig, Caltrop, and Ruscha stripped the paint off the walls with an unbelievable metal assault on Saturday night. I would rank that among my top five favorite shows ever at this bar. Damn it is an honor to live among such excellent musicians (as a slightly drunker Bilbo Baggins might say.)

Quick notes:

1. We are totally open on Sundays now. It has been very nice. I just watched some world cup at another one of the fine drinking establishments in town, and while I love the world cup, they all turn the sound way up, and in this tournament the main sound is hundreds of buzzing plastic horns, like a swarm of angry bees attacking the face. So, if the matches ain’t your thing on a Sunday, come hang out here. (RIght now the soundtrack is a delightful Sonic Youth/Yo La Tengo/GBV playlist.)

2. If you are 18 or older, c’mon in. We are now 18 and up for shows.

Ok, what’s up.

In other World Cup news, on Monday we are showing Zidane, a fantastic experimental documentary highlighting one game in the career of the polarizing Zinadane Zidane. Remember last World Cup? He was the guy that head-butted that Italian dude in the chest in the final. Basically, 25 cameras follow ZZ through one match, with an awesome soundtrack provided by British post-rockers Mogwai.

Tuesday, Open Mic returns! You know how this works, so come slay some shit with your undiscovered talent.

Wednesday, it’s a night of bold experimental music. It’s a happening, more than a show. The improvisational Y2K Bunker will take you on a post-industrial journey. And Green Tea…well, let’s let them explain themselves: “Green tea tames anti-roxidants with a bitter blend of skull-smacking riffage and crybaby crooning. Full on improv, the only guarantee is that you will be set on fire.” Shit. That is one hell of a guarantee.

(Ed: You probably won’t be set on fire.)

We are rocking the summer, together, forever.



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