It’s an afterparty weekend! (you can make it)

A blog like this, while designed to convey certain information, also has a responsiblity to be fun. With that in mind, allow me to share something awesome with you.

There. See? I made the blog fun as hell.

Ok, to the brass tacks.

Thursday – It’s a damn Hip-Hop extravaganza, as four of the freshest damn talents in the Tri hit the stage. Dasan, Aden, Lizh, and Uprite Lions. Crazy ass syrupy southern beats and complete conciousness expanding lyrics. Check the hell out of this shit, it’s gonna rule.

Friday – Hey did you see that The Pinhook were finalists for like 50 different categories in the recent Independent Weekly Best of the Triangle issue? Well we were. (Maybe not 50, but, like, alot). So the Indyweek is having a big Best Of Party at Golden Belt on Friday night, and we are having the damn afterparty! Our main dude and party-starter Juan Huevos is gonna kick out the jams, and it will just be insane.

Saturday – So the This Machine Kills Cancer benefit is raging all day down at the Triangle Brewing Co. This will raise money to help out Shane Miel deal with the costs of Lymphoma treatment (US health care can taste a dong, as far as I am concerned), but its more than that. Shane and Rebecca are starting a non-profit to help local musicians deal with health related expenses. This is probably the most awesome cause in the world, and literally everyone on earth should attend. Great bands all day.

OH! We are having the afterparty. Watch bands, help out a great cause, and then come dance yo azz off at The Hook. We are asking for $5 bucks at the door (all of which will go to TMKC), but if you went to the benefit show you don’t have to worry about paying (unless you are just a big-hearted wonderful old softie). Check out deets.

Yay done!



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