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spooky halloween weekend, mofos

Boo! Or should I say…boo-YAH!

The leaves have turned, there is (sort of) a chill in the air, and out of the nebulous autumn mists creeps one of the best three-day lineups of the year at the ole ‘Hook. I’m not usually a dude of Halloween – I prefer to avoid the crazies and watch Dawn of the Dead a few times with a bottle of whiskey – but I’ve already watched Dawn of the Dead twice this week, so I have no choice but to don my costume and head out the door, into the scary awesome world of local music.

Thursday sees our old friends The Wigg Report, Steven et. al., kicking out the folk-punk for all. They’re pretty legendary around here, but if you haven’t seen them check it out. They play like 67 anthems at breakneck speed with crazy saxophone and this little Korg keyboard that sounds like a million ray-guns. Also, they are the nicest people in the entire world. In support of Fontana.

Friday, we welcome back yet another group of old friends, they of the giant anchor and the pedal steel, the venerable Shipwrecker. Richard and the gang are releasing their album that night, so come pick up a copy. Shipwrecker is one of the most unique bands around, and these guys can fucking play, believe me. Bask in the viruosity.

Actually, Friday is a double record release party, as the incredible Spacelab (how am I just finding out about these guys?) celebrates the release of their vinyl LP. Missy Thangs kicks things off at 10 p.m.

And then…the unholy night itself. A night of madness, wine-fueled blood orgies, sexy cat costumes, and just general Dracula cold sucking people’s blood action. The Pinhook is going with a loose CBGB’s theme this year (appropriate, although we can clean the graffiti off our bathroom walls.) Amps Do Furnish a Room, covering Television (!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!) start things off at 10, followed by Heart of Glass (an excellent Blondie cover act) and The Ramonas, a kick ass all-girl Ramones cover band. Come here some of the best songs ever written, filtered through the capable hands of some of the Triangle’s best musicians. I am so fucking psyched to hear Marquee Moon in it’s entirety, live.

Here’s a Taste.

Happy Halloween everybody!

And then. AND THEN. November kicks off with the second monthly VEGAN BRUNCH, hosted and cooked by Chef Shirle of Rockin the Stove. On Monday, Chef Shirle was featured on the talk show of horrible troll Rachel Ray, so she is bona fide famous as shit by now. The brunch still costs $7 though, still starts at noon, and still features alcohol.


dawn…of the dead!

What’s up, Nerds. Guess who is on the Rachel Ray show right at this very moment. Give up? It’s Shirle Hale, the chef of The Pinhook’s monthly vegan brunch! Which just happens to be next sunday! Come to it and eat food made by an actual celebrity.

Tonight, however, the hangin’ out is much more terrifying, as zombie movie month concludes with the ultimate and most awesome film in our series. I know, a month ago, that I said that Dead Alive was the best zombie movie ever, but forget about that shit. The best zombie movie ever is…

AW YEAH. This is the classic zom-apoc film, with people trapped in a mall, heads just totally explodin’, bikers killing the hell out of zombies, and so much more. There is no explicit sex in this picture. It says so right on the poster. Check it.

After that, the week gets SO MUCH BETTER, with Pretty Boy Thorson, The Copyrights, and Last Year’s Men on Tuesday, and Lost Hands Found Fingers, The Dopamines, and Laura Stevenson on Wednesday. Tune in Wednesday night for spooky halloween details.


‘KHP (backwards today)


DEX ROMWEBER…also, it’s toddy time, and new beer time

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Dexter Romweber…

…will be playing the Pinhook this Friday, October 23rd. We are lucky, proud, and extremely fucking psyched to have the one-time Athens bad-ass turned Triangle luminary playing our club. There are few musicians in our community as influential as Dex, and his newest band The New Romans represents a stunning step forward. The Comets, Rare Surf, Etta James, 60’s soul. Let’s just say Rocket from the Crypt should show up and just bow down.

Also, he just finished recording a 7″ with Jack White. Damn.

While it’s great to welcome such an epic figure into our humble home, equal praise should be loaded into firehoses and sprayed all over D-Town Brass, the towering afro-beat/soul/free-jazz/noise/bebop juggernaut from Durham. Masterminded by Andy Magowen (one of two head-chefs at Piedmont), the Brass is a collection of Durham’s finest – and often-unsung – musicians. This band has fucking chops to slay a dinosaur, brings it with the theatrics, and is all around one of the best bands around. This is a party in a bag, people. A bag delivered to your doorstep with a dozen roses and a note saying “come see our show.”

This might be the show of the year.

The rest of the weekend ain’t to shabby either. Thursday sees Bob Funcke, Butter, and 8-Eyes. Saturday with the excellent Mercators and up-and-coming workhorse Misty Mayhem.

In other, alcohol-related news…

Cold weather got you down? A little phlegmy maybe? (gross why did I type that) To my knowledge we are the only bar in town serving up perfect hot toddy’s these days, thanks to a new and exciting machine that is pure magic. I had a toddy earlier and it blew my mind.

Also, it’s time to clear out the taps and usher in a new line-up of wintery beers. Please welcome…

Victory Lager – a little more…normal…than the Brooklyn Lager, this fine offering from Victory is just what a lager should be. Just a little hoppy and easy to drink.

New Belgium 1554 – Strong, warming, and malty without being cloying or sweet, this is a cold weather beer that you can stay with all night.

Foothills Pilot Mountain Pale Ale – A classic from our friends in Winston-Salem. If the Bells Two-Hearted is a little too hoppy for you, but you cherish and crave the timeless British pub taste, this is it.

Highland Brewery Oatmeal Porter – In my opinion, this is the finest beer brewed in our excellent state. Come taste it for yourself.

Bells Two-Hearted and Big Boss Bad Penny remain on tap. Let their reign never end.

Good blog, everybody. Thanks.

-The Pinhook, esq.


zombies continue, and a great week of shows

I am currently in Las Vegas. Can you believe that shit? Don’t ever come here, it is a festering hell-hole of sadness. But I won $100 bucks betting on football! And I got a sunburn!

Anyway, enough about me and the stuff that I did and got. Tomorrow’s movie is Zombie, Lucio Fulci’s Italian made sequel to Dawn of the Dead. It is one of the goriest, craziest, wildest zombie films ever, and it features a scene where a zombie fights a shark that is literally the greatest instance of cinematic prowess ever.


Tuesday is a rock triple header featuring Death to Details, the enthusiastically named We Landed on the Moon!, and the fast approaching classic status Lions at Lunchtime.

Wednesday is a double header of  Cali’s The Americas and Rooftops.

Peace out y’all! I can’t wait to be back in the D.



three names make a great band

This is a very exciting weekend at The Pinhook, and pardon the fuck out of me for being so serious right off the bat. Pardon that shit.

Ok, I guess I’m not being so serious.

But seriously. Friday, October 16th, we are honored to host the 10th anniversary show of Cantwell, Gomez, and Jordan. This is going to be a really fun night, but more importantly it speaks to the staying-power, gall, and sheer awesomeness of the one of the Triangle’s most long-running musical outfits. When I moved here five years ago, they were one of the first bands I saw. I read their press like the bible, and their name has become iconic to me. They represent everything righteous and bold about the scene we have built (and are still building) here in Durham, Chapel Hill, and beyond. Their music is a mix of playfulness and menace, humor and terror, unswerving pop sensibilities and literally the most fucked-up stuff you ever heard. Add a dose of shit-hot chops (these people can play) and you’ve got the epitome of an Epic Local Band. Ten years running, let’s toast to ten more.

By the way, Maple Stave, Des Ark, and Clang Quartet open the show. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is going to destroy.

We’ve got a great weekend planned in other ways as well. Saturday’s Dance party promises to heat up what is apparently winter already, here in The D. DJs Tyler Hypnosis and Gonzo spin the hip-hop all night, with M1 Platoon jumping in to make the floor shake.


Love You People…THIS MUCH (arms stretching out ludicrously far),



information superhighway tuesday y’all

I gotta say this newfangled “youtube” phenomenon is pretty great. Right now, at this minute, while I write this blog post, I am watching a video of a baby eating a pickle and making a hilarious baby-face that says “I don’t like this shit.”

HAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAA. It is so awesome. Seriously, the things computers can do.

Because of all the literally brilliant and indispensible content on youtube these days, we are just cold having a night where anyone – crazy mormons, drunk ninjas, presidents, astronauts, bums, etc. – can come into the Pinhook and basically show everyone their favorite youtube stuff.



Awesome. SO AWESOME.

That’s tuesday.

MONDAY, however, is a little different. The caliber of bands playing on this special, halloweeny, October-only wild ass monday night is just mind boggling. If you haven’t heard Wizzard Sleeve, TV Ghost, or Harlem yet, make it yr damn business to not suck on a Monday. Don’t go Garfield on me. Garfield is terrible and not funny.

I am currently listening to the song “You Are” by Built to Spill. Listen to that shit when you get a chance, it is some awesome shit. Shhhhit.

Love You Fuckers,




Word to all of your beautiful Mothers, people of the Triangle. It’s a crazy-ass Indian Summer afternoon, and I am blogging to you from a Ferrari convertible, screaming down Highway 40 at dangerous speeds, all Ray-Bans, all white linen jacket, wind whipping through my hair. Stone cold rampagin’.

Anyway, here’s the deal this weekend…and beyond.

Thursday, October 8th we got Blag’ard and the White Cascade. Blag’ard is crazy LO-FIlthy rock music, slung out by shirtless dudes who can rip it up. White Cascade filters My BLoody Valentine through God Speed You Black Emperor until you’re just comfortably drowning in unfolding reams of expertly managed feedback.

Friday, October 9th…it’s a Ricky and Joe Dance Party. You know what to do at those (hint: it involve the shaking of asses.)

Saturday is an excellent rock bill, featuring the precision-tuned Tin Star, the Creation Records-era buzz of Greensboro’s Citified, and the perennially ass-kicking AMINAL.

Here’s a surprising thing – next Monday is not movie night! But it is a great show put together Wizzard Sleeve, Harlem, and TV Ghost. Here’s what Grayson Currin at the Indy had to say about this:


Thanks to record label reputations and a shared tendency toward low fidelity or precision in production, all three of these out-of-towners get tagged as garage rock bands. But it’s hard to imagine a triumvirate that better communicates the diversity percolating just beneath indie rock’s increasingly shiny veneer these days. Alabama’s Wizzard Sleeve, for instance, sounds a little like psychedelic lords Hawkwind taking a Black Flag LP the distance, sheets of bent tones smothering or supporting pure attitude. Austin’s Harlem, though, sound like bad kids in a pop candyland, turning less-than-veiled love of breasts and pills into tunes that stick like boiled confectioners sugar. Meanwhile, Indiana headliners TV Ghost suggest a distillation of Faust IV and The Fall’s Hex Enduction Hour: It’s noisy, headstrong and full of unexpected twists, but traces of playfulness preside over all. $5/ 9 p.m. —Grayson Currin”

We’re proud to have such a great out-of-town lineup. Show up in force to support these guys!

Also, this is happening. It is what it sounds like.youtubeflyer

Later doggggs,