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THE PINHOOK IS OPEN! come to troika.

Ha.  That sounds like come to mama.  Which can be totally weird.  Really, though, come to Troika.  Troika is the Durham Music Festival that rocks throughout several venues in this amazing town.  We’re really lucky to be a part of it this year.  Ha.  Good think we’re open.

A few days ago we went through hell getting our licensing and forgot to do necessary things like sleep, shower and call our moms, and blog, but somehow we got everything in order by the election.  What a momunmental evening.  There were throngs of people downtown, which is something I’ve not seen before.  Everyone was hugging and crying and then dancing to Nate’s hot DJ mix after a landslide win.  I’m sorry and slightly shocked if anyone that is reading this blog was upset by the outcome, but the amount of love that was fyling around in this bar was comforting and elating.

So now, fellas, we’re open for real!  Our hours are 4pm-2am everyday but Sunday, because Sunday is just too good of a day to drink.  We haven’t set schedules so you’ll see all three of us here all the time, kind of like you will when we do set schedules.  Our Pacman and Pinball machines are bunk until further notice (which shouldn’t be long but I spose you never know with a dive bar), but we do have a fully functional and free Galaga, Scrabble, Cribbage, Connect Four, and lots of cards.  But we’re here now, and would love it if you came here too.

We have everything from Schlitz to Glenlivet.  We take everything but American Express.  We are a private club because we have to be, so visit our website at and print out a membership or get one here.

Here’s the Troika Schedule:

11:15 – Future Islands
10:30 – Screaming Females
9:45 – Juan Huevos
9:00 – Dylan Gilbert
DJ Alex Kotch

11:00 – I Was Totally Destroying It
10:15 – The Travesties
9:30 – The Pneurotics
8:45 – Resist Not

Thanks guys.  While we don’t normally charge covers, Troika will be $5 a pop.

The Pinhookers