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NEW WEBSITE..sniff…goodbye, to this one

New Website! Check it out everybody! Ain’t it the most glorious thing you ever did see? HELL OF honors go to E. Albrecht, co-owner of this fine joint and general destroyer of worlds. “Worlds” meaning “website problems”.
We think this website redesign is an incredibly informative and colorfully sexy way to keep up with all the fine, fine things we (and you) cause to happen at this bar.
Oh man my mind is blown by this new website.
For all y’all blog followers, we are no longer using the old site (reliable old workhorse that she was). The biweekly blog posts will be on the front page of our new site, and if you want a direct link, well here it is.
The Pinhook

it’s a diy mon-wed

Looking at that title, I am laughing, because it seems to make no sense. But parse it out and you will find meaning.

Listen up ya’ll, Monday night is movie night with Brokeback Mountain which totally had everybody FREAKING OUT AND SCREAMING when it first came out, and people like Jay Leno used it as a punchline for like 50 thousand days until it became kind of a national joke, and now everybody needs to watch it because what it is is just kind of a really good, tragic, not weird or insane movie about star-crossed lovers. HOT star crossed lovers. Played by Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken. Oh man, that would be an awesome movie.

Tuesday is and Open Mic night! You know what to do, foo!

Wednesday is the return of Queereoke, and attendance will be srictly enforced. You know what is a great Karaoke song? “Never Been To Spain” by Three Dog Night.” I’m gonna do that the next time I do karaoke.

Ok, I’ll be back from CA next week for some NC action witch’all.



pychedelic bookends

Wow, what a great weekend we have planned for YOU, citizens of the world.

Thursday it’s a southern rock fiasco, ranging from the delicately poised to the flailing around, as Calico Haunts returns to the stage. The Haunts are opening up for the Helmian in-the-pocket country rockers and Filthybird friends Semi Formal. The bill is finished up by the molten, lo-fo soul of Supreme Fiction. I have been listening to the hell out of SF for a while now, and they are like a classy, sexier version of John WIlkes Booze. So…awesome.

Friday Ricky and Joe return with  their most provocative party yet: GAYWATCH. Dress for the beach y’all.

Saturday actually makes me really sad that I am out of town right now, because it is an INCREDIBLE lineup of some of the most soul-melting psychedelia NC has to offer. Seriously, do not miss this one. Secret Mountains make music that sounds like they are cresting some flag-festooned ridge in the Himalayas: spooky, triumphant, droney pysch. And No Eyes blend concrete garage jams with the forests of Appalachia. Goddamn, this is a good show. Locals Barron open up at 10.



a land of cool winds

That’s where I am. San Francisco. It is freezing cold, which I like.

Ok, what’s happening this week?

Monday movie night is the hilarious But I’m a Cheerleader. Poster!

Seriously, what happened to Natasha Lyonne? Did she explode in a cloud of hipness? Did she die of a heroin overdose at some extremely fashionable LES magazine party? The world will never, ever know.

What we do know, is that she is fucking hilarious in this fucking hilarious movie about “curing gayness.” Also starring Clea Duvall, who I have had a weird crush on for a long time. Ever seen The Faculty? It rules, we’ll show it one of these days.

Tuesday, it’s TRIVIA TIME AGAIN. And since I am out of the town, the excellent Nick Hawthorne Johnson is back on top of shit once again. He will ask the questions, and you will give the answers, and the beer will belong to you.

ALSO – Win 3 free yoga lessons and yoga mat from our excellent friends at Nataraja Healing Arts.

Wednesday, it’s the nipple. The wolf nipple. The Wolf Nipple Foofaraw, to be exact, and you know what that is and you know what to do at it. It’s a weird ass-hootenany, and it’s gonna destroy.



my dear friends, your attention

It seems some of my gentle readers have taken a certain umbrage with the stylistic choices made in the enscripture of this online journal, or as it is known in the common parlance, “blog.”

I feel ever so awful about this, and from this day forth I say, “I will correct my past lolligaggery and flim-flam.”


My word, but the musical and entertainment selections for the coming weekend are smashing! Simply smashing, dear fellows and gentle ladies.

On Thursday night we present a special treat, courtesy of our friends at Merge Records. It seems the popular recording artists The Arcade Fire will performing at the Mr. Madison’s World Famous Square Garden on the island of Manhatten! While we regret that we shall not be attending (and our hearts go out to those of you in our fair city who also do not have the opportunity), it seems the fine people of Merge have arranged for the performance to be beamed into a computing device and viewed from a remote location! Magical, the things we can do with these newfangled devices.

The concert begins at 10 pm sharp, so don’t be tardy! For those of you who wish to come early and stay late, segments of the episodic television program Queer as Folk (dealing with the travails of a group of homosexuals in Los Angeles) will be played on the viewscreen before and after. A wonderful Thursday of relaxation!

Come Friday, however, it is time to remove your ermine slippers and don your sturdiest “rock and roll” footwear, as a fine group of lads known as Hammer No More The Fingers mount the stage at The Pinhook for the first time! We are all supporters of this excellent musical band, and the excitement with which we welcome them resonates, literally, within our loins. They are joined by two more groups of troubadors, local favorites Butterflies and the transcendant Super Volcano. ‘Twill be a night to remember!

And then, oh my brethren and sestren, on Saturday we welcome jolly pranksters from the gates of perdition! Durham’s erstwhile “kings of metal” Tooth are no more, but several members of that group have formed a new one, the whimsically named HOG. I believe all-capital-letters stand for seriousness and fortitude. They are joined by MAKE, who seem to dabble in opium use, and Enoch, who prefer “the green fairy” of Absinthe.

Oh what a fine weekend it shall be! The sun will shine, and the birds will sing, and we should all raise our voices in a jubilant “FUCK YEAH!”, or some other appropriate exclamation of contentment.

Ever Your Servant,

The Pinhook, esq.


wake up, it’s the first of the month

Last month was pretty fucking rad, though. July ended with The Mountain Goats taking the stage and blowing the minds of 250 people. Damn that was awesome. Thanks so much to John, Heather, Kym, Catherine, Jenks, et al. for an incredible night.

OK, on to august. We start a month of Classic Gay Cinema with the brilliant biopic Milk, about Harvey Milk. Not the metal band from Athens. The prominent gay rights activist and california politician who is kind of a martyr. It’s a great movie, so check it out.

Tuesday is open mic, you know what to do.

Wednesday is the return of the famous DJ Dudefemme and her menagerie of amazing country music. Live DJ’s, and line dancing lessons on the hour, helped out by the equally rad DJ Hillbilly Chateau.

Happy August Y’all!