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let’s have us a champagne jam (no champagne)

Gonna let this one speak for itself y’all. Gonna have the Indy do my work for me. Word.

“From the costumed, fake-pus-tossing mongoloids in GWAR to the grandeur of film composer Bernard Herrmann to the theories of Jung, Malt Swagger cite and extract creative juices from multiple sources to create a narcotic bouillabaisse,” Finn Cohen wrote in the Independent Weekly in 2002, a week before Malt Swagger played a New Year’s Eve show at Ringside in Downtown Durham. Ringside is gone, and The Swag doesn’t come out to play too much anymore (not since June 2008, in fact), but their sound remains as distinct as Cohen described it seven years ago—tenacious and teeming instrumental music with Morricone-size themes and Varèse-size details. Shark Quest Attack? Hungry Tortoise? No, man: Malt Swagger Reunion. THE PINHOOK. $5/ 10 p.m.

So, that’s happening. Are you gonna be there? No one knows yet. No one may ever know. I’ll tell you one thing more, though. DJ Soulful Love is spinning the greatness starting at 10. He rules, is a good friend, and is going to India for like ever on January 4th. Come send the man off by shaking your ass to the music that he plays.

Other stuff. We closed on Friday, to recover. But Saturday sees the new decade kicking off in style as Tyler Hypnosis throws a hip-hop party and DJ battle. That’s gonna be the jam.

Sunday sees the fourth Vegan Brunch hosted by my main lady Shirle. The menu is Indian food! I know, you’re all like “Indian Food for Brunch? What?” but then you totally mow that stuff and you go “DAAAAAAAAMN!!!”

Happy New Year My Main Damies!

Catch you on the flippysty. All the way down…



Q: Who is ready to be drunk?

A: We. We are the ones.

Yes people, it’s that week. A week tht requires rock n’ roll squat thrusts and pint liftin’ all year long just to be in shape. It is the week of NEW YEARS EVE, and we are going to say goodbye to the godforsaken annum of 2009 in wide-eyed, destructive style.

JOIN US as the epic insanity of MALT SWAGGER reunites for one special kiss-off starting at 11:30. These guys will ring in the new year with an incredibly bizarre and fun version of Auld Lang Syne (I bet. I need to talk to them about that), and rock until lateness is upon us.

The excellent DJ SOULFUL LOVE kicks off the show and ends the show, with 60’s garage, psych, R&B, soul, funk, and other tunes that commence asses to begin shakin’ and quakin’. Soulful Love is heading to the far east in a week, so this is his last appearance for at least 2 months. Come send the sucka off.


But first, we got the last movie night of wizards and sorcery month. It’s SORCERER.

Check out that POSTER. That poster is awesome.

Seriously, this is THE MOST suspenseful film ever made, as four badass dudes attempt to drive truckloads of nitro-glycerin across the most dangerous road in the world. CHECK IT OUT.




bloggin, with a certain festive attitude

Oh, there’s a feeling in the air. That feeling is cold, but it also has a certain piney aroma. It’s a holiday kind of feeling.

Now I am not a religious man, but I love me some Christmas. All givin people stuff. All gettin stuff. All just getting wonky from scotch in front a roaring fire, my dog all curled up, looking hell of cute. It’s good! Stressful but good.

So some of may know, and some of those some may care, but the Fin Fang Foom, FES, Gray Young shindig on friday got kiboshed due to the weather. It was terrible. I was a sad, sad man. But fear not. It’s been rescheduled for January 29th, adding New York’s Fantan to the bill. Pretty sweet.

So, it’s not the most eventful week here, but that’s ok. It’s Christmas time! Monday night we do have a very special movie presentation, of WIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READER. A cult phenomenon of the highest level, this is a true piece of Illegal Art. Austin cartoonist Brad Neely (creator of the The George Washington Rap) dubbed his own narration over the first Harry Potter movie, as if it was a Book-On-Tape. I have managed to secure a (rare) copy, and I must say that this is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Sample quote: “Hagar the Horrible hands Harry a jug of what is definitely whiskey. Harry takes an appreciative slurp.” Guys, this is awesome. Check out an example of Neely’s work below.

On Saturday the 26th, don’t be sad and blue. Come see a show! The roaring insanity of Bobby’s Fever hits the stage in support of up and coming rock stars En Serenade! It’s gonna be a very aggro way to finish off the season.

Love and Happiness,





It can’t be described. Not in terms humans can understand. Fortunately, this town is full of beyondhumans, who can understand anything and solve any problem with poise and aplomb and a body full of whiskey.

Thursday welcomes Sea Cow with their burlap sack of mordant humor and rootsy Americana. Dangerous pink shirted agitators The Scene of the Crime Rovers rock the place with their satanic urban destruction take on Marching Band music. If you have never scene these lunatics descending on you from down the street, come check them out in the much more lawless environs of the Pinhook. Consummate musicians, and people who know that Ray Davies was as a good a songwriter as John Lennon, The Kinksmen play Kinks songs. The Kinks fucking rule, and so do the Kinksman.


For 3rd Friday, at 6 pm, designer Jamie Powell brings the Revamp Clothing trunk show to the Hook, featuring organic-cloth’d women’s clothing for sale at hell of discounts. Do some damn shopping already. We need to keep this economy alive.

At 10 pm its a whole different thang going on in here, as the impeccable Gray Young kicks off a night of amplifier worship. Free Electric State anchors the deal at 11 pm, and local legends Fin Fang Foom headline. The first band and the third bands are two of the best bands around, one a newcomer and the other a scene stalwart. The second band is a band that I play in, so I don’t have much to say (other than that we will destroy you). Check out the Indy writeup here.

Saturday, come celebrate the five-year anniversary of 307 Knox Records, hosted by us! These guys have been and remain a happy home for many of our favorite people, so come out and jam with them. DJ’s and general Christmas debauchery will ensue.





ok it’s a disney movie. WHATEVER. You don’t even know.

The Christmas season of Wizardry and Sorcery continues this week suckas, with some obscure Disney madness called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a part of the insane Fantasia, which we will go ahead and show after TSA is done.

I know it’s weird to show a Mickey Mouse movie at The Pinhook, but I’m on a childish animation kick after checking out The Fantastic Mr. Fox today, which destroyed and everyone needs to see it.

Anyway, Tuesday is another YOUTUBE FRESH JIVE FIASCO. You know the drill this time. Come and play the greatest pieces of found video ever unearthed.

And Wednesday. Our good friends at Churchkey records are throwing a bit of a Holiday get-together, that of course everyone on earth is invited too. Let’s hear some fresh shit from some rad folks, and maybe some jamming out if the mood strikes.

Word up, Y’All,




It is completely a thing, doggs. The next three days at The Pinhook promise to slay your face with absolutely no mercy. You will wake up in a different town. A special town, where there are no hangovers and every night has great bands and excellent beats right out the ass. Let me tell you of these things…

Birds and Arrows owns Thursday with their soulful, heartstring pulling chimes. Chicago’s Lionlimb has the middle spot, and these guys are awesome. I can see them blowing up and getting upwards of 9000 points on Pitchfork. But GET THERE EARLY, because Where the Buffalo Roamed is kicking things off at 9. WTBR is Corbie Hill’s (of Battle Rockets) other band. Corbie is an awesome guy and a great friend of mine, not to mention probably the biggest booster of local music in town (at least, the variety of local music that fills yr head with images of technicolor comets blazing out of the stratosphere, exploding like pinwheels and burning with pure psychedelic WOOSH). Corbie’s also a great musician, and can coax the most spine-melting rills and patterns out of his guitar. This band is fantastic drugs. Not like fantastic drugs. They are fantastic drugs.

Ricky and Joe rock the house on Friday with a dance party for the ages. Dress as your favorite Woodland Creature! Furries welcome! Seriously, that will be hilarious. I want fully attired raccoons and deer and chipmunks n’shit, just givin’ her! This will be so cute! And incredibly sweaty, but that’s how we roll RIGHT DURHAM!

(cheers) WORD UP!

And Saturday just keeps it going with Birds of Avalon crushing all comers, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, slinging axes like bees and butterflies on home-cooked acid (I think I have drugs on the brain tonight, pardon that shit). Opening up is resident Chapel Hill wall-of-sound screamers Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies. It’s awesome to finally have these guys on our stage, just total tigresses nailing the 60’s girl group sound to the door of a cathedral, all Martin Luther style, all Principles. All Catholic Church totally persecuting them.

Man, I should not take 17 hits of acid and then write a blog! My spelling is still good though! Propr speling is veryy imortant to m.

Yours, Psychedelically,

El Gancho del Perno



I apologize profusely, but Monday’s film will not be the 90 minute Nintendo commercial known as The Wizard. That film does no exist in any goddamn form at all in any of the various places around the Triangle in which movies are found. I thought Avid had a VHS copy. No dice. You know what? We probably all remember that movie too fondly anyway. Like thr Powerglove, it’s so bad.

Anyway, the movie will be Wizards! Which is way better, and which me an Eric came up with on the spot to solve this problem. It is a post-apocalyptic tale of fantasy, and because it is animated by the great Ralph Bakshi, it is completely fucking insane. I’ve been wanting to see this thing forever, and now we have it. I thought it was really hard to find. Thanks Lilly Library!

Ok what’s on the docket this week?

Tuesday night it is, yes, AN OPEN BELLY DANCING NIGHT. Like an open mic, but with far fewer clothes and far more gyrating. Some pros are gonna show people how it’s done, and you can probably catch a lesson or two. Scandalous!

Wednesday night we got an excellent lineup of shimmering, perfectly crafted pop Americana, Carrboro’s The New Town Drunks headline with their ragged glory folk rock. These guys are sweethearts, but they have dirt under their nails.

Knoxville TN’s Tenderhooks kick things off at 9. This will be frontman Jake Winstrom performing his band’s killer pop hooks, just off an opening slot with ZZ Top!. God I love ZZ Top. Anybody got legs? Anybody know how to use them?


The Pinhook