Booyah! The Wigg Report is headlining Thursday! Fucking shout that shit from the damn rooftops everybody!

I will commandeer a horse and ride through the streets all Paul Revere, ringing a bell and shouting that The Wigg Report is playing on Thursday! With the sweet hootenany of Joy in Red in the middle, and the stage-shakin raditude of Jason Kutchma on first. (J you killed in RC last Saturday).

Friday it is this thing:

These Carpe Noctem parties have been off the chain, with fucking lights and lasers and smoke machines and explosions and shit. It gets sweaty and sexy and fun as hell in here when these people roll through.

Saturday, we will soberly be closed for a Private Party from 10 pm to 2 pm.

But SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Doors open at 5 pm for an awesome early lineup. Tradition, Dirty Fist, and Damsels are awesome, but the main thing to see is Just Friends. Crazy bass-heavy garage punk from right here in Durham. Weeeeeee!

-The Pinhook


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