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excitement..and a major caveat

THURSDAY! – The Beach Tour – Three of Brooklyn’s best anti-folk/blues bands are hitting the stage, spinning their favorite summer records between sets. Its gonna be a night of excellent warm weather vibes, within the safety of the airconditioned PHK. Headliners Naked Hearts weave deceptively complex melodies and clever lyrics over a background of jangly folk, while She Keeps Bees opts for a darker, bluesier sound. This Frontier Needs Heroes combines lush instrumentation steeped in classic country heartbreak and redemption.

FRIDAY! – It’s Karaoke time! We do fun Karaoke here, and we have like ten billion songs now. I will host. Will you get to see me attempt Long Cool Woman? Maybe, if we have it. Radar Love is also one that I can do kind of well.

SATURDAY! – The good news? The Mountain Goats are playing! With Mt. Moriah and Midtown Dickens. The bad news? This event is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. There are NO passes lying around anywhere, and there is NO way to get in the bar without a ticket. We apologize for the sellout, but we’re gonna be 100% packed to the rafters just with the people who bought tickets. Still, it’s gonna be fun.




aw yeah stiles you just get on witcha bad self

Aw you go girl. Just dance all over the goddamned place. Dance the hell out of it, because this is life, and you can do whatever the fuck you want in life.

That’s what’s happening on Monday movie night. Come check it out. Also check this out:

At 6.30, the American film premier of Ol Woman Naoia – 3 blong 100 plis a theatre play created by women living in Port Vila, Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Directed by Cristina Bejan. Film by Don Crossan. In English (principally), Bislama and French. Should be interesting.

Tuesday is some more awesome trivia. Last one was great. This one has a main prize of a free massage session at Nataraja Healing Arts on 9th Street.

Wednesday, the XDU crew is back with stacks and stacks of awesome vinyl for your listening pleasure. Hear me? It’s for you pleasure. Sexual pleasure.


-The Sexiest Bar in Durham



Booyah! The Wigg Report is headlining Thursday! Fucking shout that shit from the damn rooftops everybody!

I will commandeer a horse and ride through the streets all Paul Revere, ringing a bell and shouting that The Wigg Report is playing on Thursday! With the sweet hootenany of Joy in Red in the middle, and the stage-shakin raditude of Jason Kutchma on first. (J you killed in RC last Saturday).

Friday it is this thing:

These Carpe Noctem parties have been off the chain, with fucking lights and lasers and smoke machines and explosions and shit. It gets sweaty and sexy and fun as hell in here when these people roll through.

Saturday, we will soberly be closed for a Private Party from 10 pm to 2 pm.

But SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Doors open at 5 pm for an awesome early lineup. Tradition, Dirty Fist, and Damsels are awesome, but the main thing to see is Just Friends. Crazy bass-heavy garage punk from right here in Durham. Weeeeeee!

-The Pinhook


the best music…is here

Real quick summary of Monday and Tuesday (by the way, thanks for an awesome weekend).

Dance movies continue with a showing of Baz Luhrman’s classic Strictly Ballroom. This is what happens when a total loose cannon badass just makes everybody feel uncomfortable with his unconventional style. It’s the story of my life, basically. Except with more dancing and less screwing around.


Tuesday is an open mic for the ages, again, as JT rules the roost.

The main event of the week, however, is what is happening on Wednesday. Deleted Scenes, one the DC’s best bands, returns to The Hook for a triumphant slice of amazingness. Dischord Records’ Medications opens up the show, and in the middle is the extravagantly amazing I Was Totally Destroying It, one of the brightest damn stars around.

Listen, do not miss it. Papa gonna be pissed if’n y’do.

-The Hook


the charming white goodbye, electric maiden collar, and one-man bands

First of all, there’s this.

Man, that ain’t no chupacabra. That is just a really ugly dog, and no dog ever deserves to get iced by some redneck sherrif animal control mofo from the ass-end of Texas. I don’t care how damn ugly the dog is. Do not shoot that dog.

Uncool, Texas.

Ok onto the brain-destroyingly great weekend we gots for you at The Pinhook.

Thursday, we got some truly heavy bookends to some awesome Raleigh garage-rock. The White Cascade opens the show 2001-esque loops of gravity-defying guitar squall, and Goodbye Titan filters that into some juggernaut enormity at the end. The excellent Charming Youngsters provide earthyl variety to an otherwise space-faring bill.

Then, on Friday, it’s THIS THING. Also, check out the article about Frank Fairfield in the Indy, which for some reason is not online yet, but I will link to that shit when it be. Do Itcha Damn Self! is basically an unbelievable assortment of local and national musicians going bandless and performing music. Slim Pickens, Dan McGee of Spider Bags, Matt White of Great White Jenkins, Catherine Edgerton of Midtown Dickens, Phil Cook of Megafaun, and the great Frank Fairfield are ready to rock you…solo-style. This is gonna be an amazing show.

Get there early in the evening for a Girls Rock NC showcase. 42 girls, all performing original songs. This is awesome, and a really good cause. There is a $5 suggested donation, and also merch and stuff for sale.

Saturday. Well now, let’s see what we have OH YEAH RED COLLAR IS PLAYING PINHOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME. Damn and a half that is some news you can use. Death Becomes Even The Maiden (awesome) on SC hold down the middle spot, and Free Electric State opens up the show. I hear the dude from FES has a new guitar strap, so you should come early to check that out yeah.

Wow, Nice Weekend, huh!





That’s right. Come to Trivia on Tuesday the 13th for a chance to win THIS! I got a copy, somehow, and I want to give it away to a lucky person. There will be a special round that you play as an individual, and if you win you get this sprawling thing. 8:30, be there!

Movie Night is some more ADF awesomeness with Footloose, the heartwarking story of a town so square that dancing was illegal and shit.

And Wednesday. Ah Wednesday. Wolf. Nipple. Foofaraw.

Quick and durty y’all!



my favorite bands

It is so fucking hot. The ants in my yard are literally on fire, all the time. I make eggs on the hood of my car in the mornings, and slow-cook tender briskets in the engine block as I drive around. It’s true. I do these things.

You know what else is hot? The stuff going down this weekend.

Thursday we get a visit from Irata, Gray Young, Gods of the Harvest, and It’s Just Vanity, four of NC’s most mind-bending rock acts. Heavy psychedelic stuff, believe me.

Friday we got a Ricky and Joe Party! It’s slightly late, but come celebrate Amerrrrca’s independence with style and grace.

And on Saturday, damn we the amazing Once and Future Kings making their Pinhook debut, and St. Solitude headlining a Saturday of great tunes.

Also, this is the grand prize at Trivia next Tuesday, July 13th.