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we got shows and shows and shows

Like, the title says, hella shows comin’ down the pike next few days, but I gots some stuff to say before I say that.

1. Vegan Brunch is back! It starts up again this Sunday, May 2nd. Come check the thang out! Same deal, $7, 12-2. Mimosas and Tasty Bloodys for sale at the bar (as well as beer and everything else, if that’s how you choose to start your Sunday). The menu? Hard-ass excellent Mexican food…vegan style…to celebrate the 5th of Mayo.

2. Speaking of Sundays, we gonna start opening up on select Sundays on a trial basis. For what reason? For all ages shows. These will be early deals (like, 7 to 10) so young and old alike can have some end-of-the-weekend rock and still wake up for work come monday’s morn. Check the schedule, we got a few of these jams upcoming.

3. Have you seen our new stage??? It is so awesome. It is higher (so you can see the bands), it has lighting (so you can see the bands), and it is in a different place, so now you can just walk straight out the backdoor to our patio without having to walk around the stage. Oh, yeah, we have a rockin’ patio too. I am gonna work on getting a picture of this thing in action, and I will update the hell out of this blog.

Ok, enough talking points. We are not politicians here. This is not a GOP prayer breakfast kind of place. Fuck that.

Thursday we got the freaky folk pop of Chapel Hill’s The Toddelers, the flute virtuosity of Skylar, and the mellow tunes of Royal Forest.

Friday oh no we got Maple Stave just PUNISHING with their math-steeled, post-rock tribal excellence. Been a while since I’ve seen these guys. Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the fantastic Veronique Diabolique, with their crazy ass frenchitude and awesome goth punk. Jason Kutchma of Red Collar opens up with some solo jams. Damn that dude is prolific.

Saturday it’s a 307 Knox presents bill with the slip-sliding feedback of Where the Buffalo Roamed, the Nipponophile garage pop of Fujiyama Roll, and the rip-roaring experimentl pysch pop of Wilmington’s Fractal Farm.




yeah this is happening

Look over to the left side of the blog, now. And then notice the amazing poster that is sitting there. It’s a poster for the greatest rock movie of all time. The Last Waltz, a film by Martin Scorsese. This is a document of the last ever show by The Band, which is a band that is not a bad band. In fact, they are THE Band. You know who they are. You know what this movie is. Come see it, it’s gonna be the shit.

Tuesday is another thing alltogether. We finally get the new project from Justin Robinson, of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. This is Justin Robinson and the Marionettes, kind of an incredible mish-mash of hip hop and Victorian orchestration. Ex-members of the incredible Sweet By-And-By feature heavily, and the bookends are the sweet fine tunes of Bess Rogers and the nascent chanteuse Lelia Broussard.

Wednesday…it’s a thing! Think about driving a broken down getaway car out of Lincoln, Nebraska with a melancholy weight on your heart. You’ve just pulled off the greatest bank-heist of all time! But you can’t tell anyone about it. And your lover is far, far away. That’s who we got. Just awesome indie-country in the form of Colline Herring and Warren Jackson Hearne. Yeah, it’s sweet pretty music, but it will take you into wednesday like what.





Yo yo yo wassup my brothers and sisters. You come here (presumably) to learn what’s going on at The Pinhook, and I am here to tell you that I am here to tell you exactly that.

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Thursday we got the DURTY Art Collective throwin a benefit with some of the greatest electronic (and other) music groups of the area. This is gonna kill shit. 6 bands (Kellie Ann Grubbs, Mystic Mynstrals, Tea & Tempests, Casual Curious, Lake Inferior, and the radness that is Tree City). Show starts at 8, so come early for some rockin’ good times.

Friday night is PUNK night, one of the first just completely raw punk shows we have had, as the awesome Double Negative takes the stage. Opening up is Easy Action, featuring John Brannon and Harold Richardson of the legendary Negative Approach (!!!), and Charlotte’s amazing GRIDS kick things off at 9. It’s gonna be  sweaty and raw. Word!

Saturday we got some of the best hip-hop of the TRI (and some soul from Massachusetts too) comin’s through with Menes, YIT, D.U.N, Alexi, and Thomahawk.




The Radness. Happens. Here.

Oh no it’s time for another one of these, one of these informative internet blasts tht just slay people with pertinent information.
Rock Doc month continues with another double feature, as we explore the world of two of the hardest working bands in the world. Watch Me Jumpstart is a short fanmade picture about Guided By Voices, while We Jam Econo follows the career of the incredible Minutemen. Let’s have a poster:

Oh man what a cool band.

Tuesday is Trivia Time! You know how this works now. Win a Round, Win an Entire Pitcher of rockin beer. We don’t have shitty beer on tap by the way. Everything is great.
Wednesday we have the best show in the world, as Brooklyn’s Caves come to destroy the place. This is amazing junkyard psych music from the depths of the world’s best urban acid trip. Burning Brown Bags and Adroit Androids kick things off, ya’ll. Gonna be rad.

Peace in the East!


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free electric yes!

Oh man I am chillin’ in the Pinhook RIGHT NOW, listening to the ecstatic tones of the Wolf Nipple Foofaraw. It’s a band that plays here once a month. And guess what? ANYBODY CAN BE IN THE BAND, AT ANY MOMENT. Basically its an open jam, with songbooks and lyric sheets. It is so awesome. It is making me extremely happy right now. It’s like the old song…

“FOOO Fa Raw, Fa Raw.

Whatever will be, will be…”

Anyway, let’s talk about the next couple of days, because heady and funfilled days they are indeed.

Thursday we got a nice relaxed two-band show featuring Now You See Them and Uncle Mountain. Both these bands are totally what you need to listen to if you are driving to the beach in the Southern United States. If you started up in the mountains, and are making a big trip to the coast, even better. Seeing them live, you can capture that feeling in a beer bottle.

Friday is definitely exciting, because we got two of our favorite bands playing, plus the band that I happen to be in. Beloved Binge and Raleigh’s excellent A Rooster For The Masses kick things off for Free Electric State’s CD release party. The first two bands are incredible (and very different) with The Binge playing a kind of relaxed duo-prog, and Rooster completely rocking the shit out of everything with political dance-punk. Free Electric State…well, I play in that band, so I feel kind of bad about using this forum to say really nice things about us.

Oh, fuck it. We will crush you. We will rock your face into sweet, sexy, savage oblivion. Prepare to not remember the rest of the weekend, because we will have rocked you that hard. Prepare to wake up sticky and satisfied.

Saturday, be there as the great bucolic pianist Jon Lindsay and the RIGHTEOUS Tomahawks (with some of the best vocal gymnastics around) open up for Luego.

It’s A Weekend in the Spring People, so Rejoice!

-Theee Pinhooook.


rock doc month continues and bands!

Ok guys, this is probably the only time in your whole life that you are going to be able to see this movie. It is hell of rare. They got footage of Dylan and Lennon riding in a cab together. They got Dylan/cocaine sitting together, hanging out. This is the filthy counterpoint to the OTHER D.A. Pennebaker Dylan documentary, Don’t Look Back. Totally unreleased, but I managed to snag a rare copy on DVD from a person who is awesome. I won’t name her, but she knows who she is. She knows that she is awesome.

I am having a conversation about Juggaloes right now.

Ok, that’s monday. What’s up with Tuesday?

Tuesday is a great band from Wilmington called Unholy Tongues. Let me just cull from what I have already written abotu this show.

Unholy Tongues – Urgent, delay-drenched kraut-heavy dance music. Think Maserati, except they’re in a hurry to tell you what’s on their mind. Goodbye Titan – Lead heavy, mind-fuck space rock for our modern, moonbaseless age.
IRATA – Consummately tight, shoegazey Americana.

Hey I did a good job there! That’s what this show is about, and it’s going to kick azzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday is another world-famous Wolf Nipple Foofaraw! This is an open jam, but don’t let the j-word fool you. This is awesome! Songbooks are provided, everything from old-school bluegrass to Big Star and REM. Bring your instrument, this is a fine forum for expressing one’s self.





Oh my god in heaven it is quite a damn weekend on the platter for all y’all, and me. Let me start this off by saying that the great ALL YOUR SCIENCE will be playing their final show ever not their final show ever on Saturday night. They are one of my favorite bands ever. They played our grand opening party, where you could have seen me wearing a viking helmet, headbanging, right in front of Dave Z. playing his portable drum kit (yes I was wasted. It was our grand opening!).

They are awesome, and this is the last time to see them before they go away forever. WRONG! Sorry Dave and Lou, I thought this was your last show. I am glad to hear that it is not.  Polite Sleeper, Sequoya, and Charming Youngsters open the show.

Friday is a Ricky and Joe dance party, and it’s right in the middle of Full Frame! Should be the stuff and a half. The theme is Spring Fever, which I have right now, so look for not a lot of clothes. In the afternoon on Friday, we are honored to have a music-listening session with David Harrington of the incredible Kronos Quartet! If you don’t know the KQ, then you do not know awesome music. Seriously this is a big thing having this dude in the bar, and it should be a fascinating discussion/listening jam. Rock the hell on.

Thursday night ain’t no lamer as Cassis Orange takes the stage. Think Beach House with a bit more edge and spookiness. The always incredible Wood Ear open up, and Butterflies get the last spot. Show at 9, y’all.


The Pollenhook