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awww yeah it’s the last weekend in February, and we gonna rock it

DAAAAAAAAAAAMN people, there comes a time. A time when winter starts to be over and spring begins to sashay into our lives like a sexy ballerina. That time ain’t come yet, but mark my words it is imminent.

So what we got on the agenda?

THURSDAY – Oh man this is a show for the ages. Humble Tripe, Sean Luby’s latest and greatest project headlines at 11, and the fine young lads of Nervous But Excited take the middle spot with their smart, catchy folk rock. Christy Smith’s Tender Fruit open the show with gorgeous, sultry jams. Christy has one of the best set of pipes around, so get there early. Show starts at The Niner.

FRIDAY – SHIPWRECKER SHIPWRECKER Yaaaa. They got a new album out of eerie countrynautica, creaking masts and fogged in docks. Oh man they are so good, and they are going on a huge hiatus after this, so most definitely do not miss. Mosadi Music holds down the middle with their perfect fusion of jazz, hip-hop, rock, and afrobeat. The Proclivities kick thangs off at 10 on the DOT.

SATURDAY – THE ANCIENT JAPANESE ART OF KARA-OKE comes to The Pinhook, hosted by us! This is a special night, let me hit you with a quote:

“Durham Compelation CD Fundraising Party! James Hepler will be donating a karaoke machine for the night, and we will be accepting some serious donations to spread the word! Here’s what the comp is all about:

The purpose of this compilation is to provide an artifact of the Durham music scene to introduce us to the rest of the country on a grassroots level: Meaning bands take this comp, sell them on tour and keep the cash, thus hopefully supplimenting your tour and exposing the good tunes of Durham.”

I could not have said it better, so I didn’t. Let us hear your talent, and then tunes til close!



let’s close february out with a mighty roar

So it is a thing, people. February is waning. March is happening. The weather is already not so bone-jarringly freezing at all times. It could still snow, like, 20 feet. But I don’t think it’s gonna. I don’t think it has the balls.
So let’s say goodbye to the gray-ass month that caps the coldest winter since like that CROATAN thing killed all those settlers so many years ago. I think CROATAN means “harsh-ass winter” in the jargon of terrifed European settlers.

Ok, Forbideen Love Month concludes on Monday with Harold and Maude, one of the funniest damn movies of all time. You will be amazed how sweet the sexual congress of a 17-year old suicidal kid and a 75 year old bad-ass granny with serious joie de vivre can be. Also, you will laugh yr az offff.

Tuesday sees some new shit come to town, as I personally will host a new MUSIC TRIVIA TUESDAY! This is how we roll here people – if your team wins a round, your team wins a DAMN PITCHER. No waiting for the end of the night. You get three chances to win free beer. I don’t really know what the prize for winning the whole thing will be yet. It might be a box of good used DVDs. Actually, that is totally what it will be. WIN THE WHOLE THING AND WIN SOME RAD DVDs like whole seasons of Seinfeld and Family Guy. I don’t need that stuff in my life anymore. But you do, don’t you?

Starts at 9 sharp people. Maximum FIVE members to a team. I will provide pens and paper. You provide your knowledge of music.

Wednesday is some old school bar chillin. Playin’ games shootin pool and just ‘laxin with beers and tall pints of whiskey, no rocks.

There is other rad stuff comin’ up at the end of the week, indlucing shows by Humble Tripe, Shipwrecker, and Mosadi Music. But I’ll tell you all about that stuff on Wednesday.

Let me close here with some info about what’s going down on Saturday, February 27th up in this damn place. We at the Pinhook love local music, especially Durham music. Chaps and Carrb and the ‘Leigh are full of awesome bands, but we feel like Durham has it’s own special thang that deserves to be showcased. So our main idea is to put out a compilation of exclusively bands from D-Town. We will then give copies of the comp to participating bands, and let them do whatever they will with them. Sell them on the road, on their website, or just give the damn things away. We envision this comp as a tool for Durham bands to get our town on the map when they go on the road. It’s gonna rule. We already got bands like Red Collar, Dirty Little Heaters, The Beast, Midtown Dickens, Maple Stave, Humble Tripe, and many more to agree to put tracks on the thing.

Nobody is going to profit monetarily from this, but we also don’t want anybody to get burned on this deal. So Saturday we are holding a FUNDRAISER, with all proceeds going exclusively toward the production of the compilation. Sound like a good idea?

GOOD! So, get ready to party your ass off (and donate $5 bucks) on Saturday night. We got Karaoke. We got DJ’s. We got our bad selves and you got yours.




Schooner for Cy

I never met Cy Rawls. Well, I probably saw him at a billion shows around the town, but I never actually shook his hand, and to my knowledge he never made it to The Pinhook before he passed away. But still, it seems he was the man, when it came to boosting Triangle music. Just cold showing up in Baltimore unannounced whenever a local was playing. Awesome.

So, the legendary Schooner (Yeah SCHOONER) is releasing their new album exclusively on Cytunes, the charity set up in name of Mr. Rawls. When are they releasing this masterpiece?



Come pick up a copy of the new Schooner album, catch the band play live, and see Erie Choir and Veelee open the show!!!


By the way, I have an advance, and this is the best Schooner album ever.

Thursday is old-school no show bar night, but it’s  KYM’s BIRTHDAY!! COME PARTY WITH US!!

Saturday is Bull City with the Dynamite Brothers. Awesome bands.



this is getting ridiculous

Ok, I fucking love winter, and snow, and ice, and all that shit. But last night I slipped on a patch of ice in a friend’s driveway and pulled every single muscle and tendon in my right leg. Seriously, they all went off on muscular tangents that god never had in mind for the main cables of the leg. I can barely walk. It sucks to blog too, because I type with my toes (just a thing I started doing in middle school, it’s easier, honestly). Oh, this happened 20 minutes after I had been bitten by a dog. A dog I love. A dog I thought would never betray me. I must have goosed her in her sleep, and her jaws snapped shut on my hand like a mousetrap.

Now I have a bloody hole in my hand and a fucked-up leg. It’s time to thaw this place out.

But, apparently that won’t happen until, like, May, so in the meantime come kick it in a warm place. The Pinhook!

Monday, Forbidden Love month continues as we screen Lars and the Real Girl, a movie where Ryan Gosling falls in love with a very lifelike sex doll and his friends and neighbors express their concern. Their judgemental, uneducated concern. Sex doll love is perfectly natural, in a, um, totally artificial way. POSTER COMIN’ ATCHA!


Other stuff. Tuesday is a Youtube night.

Wednesday sees the badassness of Lands of Wonder visit our stage at 10 pm, bringing their drenched, damaged, sexy rock music. Casual Curious opens at 9. BRING YOSLEVESSSSSS.



Cats, and two kinds of gras

I am not a fan of cats. Lately I’ve softened to a few of the little hellions, but I still think they are mean and gross and frankly kind of scary. But Ghost Cats? That would send me into paroxysms of terror, if they weren’t actually a great band. Lush, 60s-influenced Americana with a keen sense of humor. They play on Thursday, this is my point with the lame cat thing and all the other things nobody cares about. Just care about the band.

One has the middle spot. Think REM if REM were always chugging whiskey mixed with cough syrup. Pros and Cons opens the show.

Onto the Gras’! New Orleans won the fucking super bowl this year, if you didn’t know that, and it seems like everybody in the country feels really good about that, because of the tragedy, you know. All that bad shit that went down, and now earth is saved because of football. Sorry, I ain’t trying to be a jerk. I actually feel pretty happy for the New Orleanians.

So for Mardi Gras this year, to be like New Orleans, we should all PARTY OUR FUCKING ASSES OFF UNTIL WE ARE PUKING GODS! You get TWO opportunities to do that this weekend, as Ricky and Joe bring the insanity with their Queerdigras party on Friday night. You don’t have to be queer, but it helps! It helps you get laid, I mean. Even without getting laid, however, these parties are incredible, and if you haven’t been to one, come check it the hell out.

Saturday is a slightly more traditional Mardi Gras party, featuring The New Town Drunks, The Kinksmen, Children of the Horn, and the Squares. Fucking jambalaya, totally vegetarian beans and rice. All cake with an action figure in it. All beads. Boobs. The works.

Do It Right, Triangle,



old school bar days and some shows to rock yr minds

Well, it snowed! Like a bad muthafucka it snowed and then it froze and everybody was cold slippin’ all over the place! But the show went on! I would like to personally thank everybody that froze their asses off but still rolled mad deep and came to see Fin Fang Foom and the others on Friday night. It was an awesome show, all the bands brought it, and everybodye seemed to have a great time. Speaking of great times, a long walk in the snow is a pretty decent cure for a hangover. Rub that snow all over your throbbing head, it feels gooooooooood.

Anyway, here’s the damn sitch for the weekend people. Thursday night, we ain’t got no show! So show up and enjoy a quiet old-school bar night as Kym totally macks the rude cocktails and frosty brews, all great music fired up on the iPod, all free pool til 8. Backgammon. Connect 4. Definitely.

The tunes start up again on Friday, though, so kick back while you can. Maria Albani’s new project…actually, supergroup…Organos celebrates their album release. I got an advance of the disc, and it is the stuff. Beautiful, dreamy, classic indie rock. Anchoring the show is Birds and Arrows, a band consisting of two people that I would marry if they weren’t already married to each other. These guys are so good, gorgeous rock steeped in cosmic country. Best drum-set in the triangle too. Ye Olde Shoppe opens the thang up. I haven’t heard these guys yet, but I know Wild Wild Geese – their other project – so this promises to be good.

Saturday is totally exciting, as the best band Cary has to offer comes to town. My Majesty in Oxygen: Are they actually insane, or just weird geniuses? Is there a ghost in the band? Come and see. Athens GA’s The Back Pockets and BaroN  open up.

Don’t snow again on Friday please.

– 別針勾子