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Thanksgiving is over. Back to Normal. FOR NOW.

Oh man thanks to all y’all who came out over the Thanksgiving week. Soulful Love had them all dancin’ on Friday. It was warm inside. It was cozy as hell. The Holidys have begun, and we have a burning christmas tree’s worth of awesome gifts for you all.

Tomorrow is movie night, and I promise, for serious this time, that the film will be Quicksilver, a killer Kevin Bacon vehicle that highlights the good parts of being a bycicle messenger. Here at the Pinhook we think Bicicyle messengers are A-OK, as long as they are not on meth and not running over us at 200+ mph.

Here’s the poster, droogs.

WINNING IS COMPLETELY A FEELING YOU NEVER FUCKING LOSE. That should have been the tagline. I totally need a job writing taglines for movies from the mid-80’s. Also, notice the production company. INDIEPROD!!!! HAAHAHAHA that’s hilarious. I can’t believe there is not a band from Brooklyn with that name at this exact moment.

WORD. December kicks off with one of Jonathan Thompson’s destructive Open Mics. This is not a bad open mic with trembly people singing badly about problems. This is an open mic that Jimmy Page would show up, if he showed up at open mics in North Carolina and could walk and wasn’t 600 years old.

Wednesday we are raising money for Lymphoma research, and having ANOTHER open mic! I use the word ANOTHER in a BIG MASSIVE WAY to symbolize how our open mics are different from all others.

Damn I love you guys. Coming up we got…here we go…MAPLE STAVE, BIRDS AND ARROWS, VIOLET VECTOR AND THE LOVELY LOVELIES, A JEFF AND KING LIPSYNCHING DANCE PARTY, THE NEW TOWN DRUNKS, BIRDS OF AVALON, FIN FANG FOOM, and so much more. Stay the hell tuned, Durham and Surrounding Areas.

Triangle with an Ass on Top,

Hook of the Pin



happy thankgsiving y’all

We closed on this day of days, as any Godfearing business should be, so that all of us may bask in the healing light of ovens and stoves. Be it with a tofurkey, or a good-old American bird, or something less traditional like sushi, please make sure to eat and drink too much, and go easy on your family.

Friday, however, we are open again! Our very good friend DJ Soulful Love is using his vast skills to spin all the finest records the 60’s have to offer, from rare garage to soul and R&B. Come relax for a few, and then get ready to dance, as your ass will commence to shake.

Saturday night is going to TEAR THE ROOF FROM ALL KINDS OF SUCKAS as Charlie O celebrates his CD release. DJ’s all night, plus Charlie himself plans to drop a helicopter payload of science on all y’all.



Ye Olde Pinhooke


happy thanksdrinking my people…

Seriously my dudes and dudettes and duderogynous badasses. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everybody has a great holiday. Remember, a great holiday does not necessarily require family, so we have an awesome lineup for the week, for our friends that just cold hang out in Durham for the week. Ask for a better place to spend Thanksgiving. You won’t find one. That’s a thing to give thanks for.

Personally, I give thanks for my friends, The Pinhook, and the incredible year we have had. Somehow, they are all wrapped up in one. Funny, about that. Goddammit I love this city, and I love the people that live in it.

Ok, enough maudlin bullshit. What is rad that we have planned?

Ok, here’s one thing:

Yep, the best bike movie of all time plays at The Hook on Monday, Nov.23rd. Not only is this one of the finest films of all time, it contains literally the scariest moment of all time. Sure, Large Marge might seem innocuous these days, but 20 years ago that shit made me black out rather than face the terror.

Oh, this movie is also sweeter than a pile of Krispy Kremes. When those bikers befriend Pee-Wee? I am gonna cry.

Tuesday is our second monthly YOUTUBE FREE FOR ALL. If you didn’t check in last month, it was…fun as shit. It worked basically how I thought and hoped it would; I set up a computer, and people watched their favorite online videos for about three hours. We saw some hilarity, we saw some sadness, and we saw actual humans doing things that blew our minds (Russian Bike Team anybody?) It’s a fun night of casual chillin’, so come let us know what your internet genius has discovered.

Wednesday features some lean shit for all of you before the day of irresponsible feasting. The Mietek Glinkowski Trio headlines a night of untouchably great modern jazz. Jazz that slays a person. Also, something to relax with before a big day. Mahlon Hoard opens with his internationalized saxophonica, and Raleigh’s Slicnaton takes the local DIY scene and flips it into Brian Eno ambient territory.

Just to say, I am currently listening to The XX, a new group from Jolly Old Engalond. Man they are the stuff.


koohniP ehT


happy weekend! (and thursday)

Doggs, I am chilling at the bar at the ole’ P’Hook as we speak, listening to the mind-bending acoustics of the Triangle Sound Painting Orchestra as they tune up for their show. How often are you surrounded by virtuosic string and horn players, just cold gettin’ ready to blow minds? Not that often, I bet.


Thursday we have an awesome lineup headlined by Boone’s The Naked Gods, with their soulful, country tinged guitars and their shit-hot rhythm section, steeped in the best of classic rock. Opening up are the sleek-yet-garagey The Jet Age, playing urbane Americana with big, chiming hooks. Viva Viva opens up with punk-fueled R&B.

Friday, we welcome the SONG Drag Xtravaganza, “An evening of sexy queer performances in honor of Willi Ninja and Venus Xtravaganza.” IT IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE, PEOPLE. What does it sound like? Awesome, that’s what. Who is Willi Ninja? I don’t know, but I know I want to meet that person. Oh, it will be followed by a dance party with DJs kickin the jams out until close. Commence yo azz to shakin’.

Rock returns on Saturday with Durham’s A1 garage trio Pistil, who just recently DESTROYED as the last band of the Troika festival. Gainesville, FL’s Morningbell anchors the lineup, with gently-coloured, sun-kissed psychedelia. Winston Salem’s KILLER Jews and Catholics (and great friends of ours) kicks things off at 9, with rinding, spaced-out guitar jams anchored with a cello being used in ways cellos are not usually used. One of those duos that manages to sound like 1000 people.

Ok. Cool! Great shows, see you here.



quick like silver


Sorry guys, but Quicksilver proved kind of hard to track down. Instead, the movie is “Rad”, the kick-ass Patrick Swayze BMX vehicle. I have purchased a cheap copy of Quicksilver on Amazon, so it should be here by the end of the month. I’ll leave my synopsis here below…to create buzz.


Hey my brothers and sisters, and magical hermaphrodite siblings being worshipped as gods by New Guinean tribes (yes, I have many). Here’s what’s up to start up this week.

Movie Night! Bike Month continues with Quicksilver, in which Kevin Bacon loses his job as a stockbroker and becomes a bicycle messenger. Totally doing meth and bombing hills and trying to avoid getting “doored”, all teeth grinding, all pupils the size of major nebulae…

Nah, none of that happens. It’s heartwarming as shit, with The Bacomeister helping out his group of mobbed-up, drug-addicted friends


Tuesday night…well, on Tuesday, we’re closed! Amazing! We have decided to throw a little holiday party for our fine selves and also for the wonderful, irreplaceable, caring, beautiful people who work here at The Pinhook. When you’re out drinking on Tuesday, raise a glass to us. Or don’t. Yeah, you don’t have to do that, that was very rude of me to ask. What was I thinking?

The arrogance. It shames me.

Consider me hell of shamed.

But Wednesday we are back in action with a special, high-concept performance by The Triangle Sound Painting Orchestra. These guys actually had the first show ever in The Pinhook, before we were even open!

They are an avant-garde post-classical group, made up of some the Triangle’s finest musicians. They incorporate dazzling visuals into their show, and this one coming up promises to be their biggest spectacle ever. The theme is TOTE’em Airlines Flight 779, a visual representation of the flight to Mecca for hajj (do I capitalize “hajj”? Sorry to offend if so. Let me know and I will totally up my cultural sensitivity levels). The ‘Hook will be transformed into a busy flight, and a group of flight attendants will pass out snacks and barf bags.

TSPO will make this work, people. They have a go-big-or-go-home attitude, and they do not fuck around. Don’t let’em scare you though. This is going to be serious fun.

Alright! See you in the funny papers (AKA The Pinhook)


That Bar You Like

P.S. – We like you too. We totally want to make out with you and then maybe get felt up by you. We’re over a year old, and we think it’s time 😉

P.P.S – That last little symbol is supposed to be a person winking, but it just looks like a semi-colon and a right parentheses. Sorry.

P.P.P.S – 😉


this weekend wins the gold medal

Nah, nah, we ain’t gonna mess around y’all. Not now. Not today. Today is about TELLING information about MUSIC to PEOPLE.

Let’s go…

Thursday, Nashville psych-titans (and hilariously named) Pushy Lips are going to bring the sweet, sunburned stink of acid-fried guitar and overcranked yowls to our awesome stage. I am listening to them on myspace right now. They are transgressive, aggro, catchy-as-shit, and should tear the roof off this particular sucka’.

Supporting are Durham’s Simeon, who bring a more controlled kind of psych to the room. Loud and powerful, but more down-beat and contemplative. Get soaked in the (in)judicious use of delay.

Opening up are Winston Salem’s young lords of destroy-you post-punk The Saint Peter Pocket Veto. Crushtastic, jackhammer rythyms and guitars that define ‘jagged’. Think Part-Chimp and Nation of Ulysses.

Friday night is another bangin’ Ricky/Joe Dance party! (They call them “Ricky and Joe,” but I think Ricky/Joe is more futuristic.) Hip-hop is the name of the game. Yammy and Ryah are the names of the DJ’s. Celebrity is the name of the theme. DRESS AS YOUR FAVORITE ONE OF THEM.

Here’s mine:

a beautiful beard

Saturday brings the love with the CD release party of Greenville’s super-catchy punk powerhouse PRINCESS AND THE CRIMINALS. Yaaaaaaaa! These guys tear up every stage they play on, and this promises to be an awesome night. Dan Strieb (formeraly of Resist Not!) has a new project, heathens Bobby’s Fever, and they kick things off at 9er. Awesome local godz and punk-surf-rockabilly mainstays Blood Red River anchor the set.

OH YEAH! And Miss Mary Wanna, burlesque performer extraordinaire, will make a guest appearance.

Durham. Loving you…is easy because you are beautiful.

-The Pinhook




Quick Troika update…it was awesome. It was unbelievably awesome. It is the best weekend of the year, if you live in Durham. There were 200 people at the Pistil show!!! Pistil is great, and they deserve 200 people at every show, but still. It’s gratifying. We live in a rad city, my brothers and sisters.



Grappling Hook CRUSHED.

Gray Young PILLAGED.



Sorry for the abstraction.

Anyway, let’s not live in the past, no matter how great it might be. Winter is upon us, and winter is spectacular.

What’s happening movie wise?

If you are into bikes, and old-school 1920’s animation filtered through the equipment and vision of a 21st century auteur, then The Triplets of Belleville is the movie for you. This movie is enrapturing, a full-senses descent/ascent into a psychedlic miasma that is at once nostalgic and uncomfortably novel. Also, one of the best pieces of animation ever produced.

this poster blows m'mind

Great show lineup too.

Nov. 10th – Tuesday @ 9pm
11:00 – Proud Valleta
10:00 – Miss Ellen Sunday and her Fantastic Cats
9:00 – Jonathan Thompson (is the man. hosts our new open mic)

Nov. 11th – Wednesday @ 9pm
11:00 – The Mutant League
10:00 – Israel Darling
9:00 – Casual Curious

Well Durham, thanks for the greatest two weekends ever. I can’t help but feeling that Troika is the thing that’s going to get the rest of world totally obsessed with our city. That might not be a good thing. Discuss.

But it was a great fucking weekend.