excitement..and a major caveat

THURSDAY! – The Beach Tour – Three of Brooklyn’s best anti-folk/blues bands are hitting the stage, spinning their favorite summer records between sets. Its gonna be a night of excellent warm weather vibes, within the safety of the airconditioned PHK. Headliners Naked Hearts weave deceptively complex melodies and clever lyrics over a background of jangly folk, while She Keeps Bees opts for a darker, bluesier sound. This Frontier Needs Heroes combines lush instrumentation steeped in classic country heartbreak and redemption.

FRIDAY! – It’s Karaoke time! We do fun Karaoke here, and we have like ten billion songs now. I will host. Will you get to see me attempt Long Cool Woman? Maybe, if we have it. Radar Love is also one that I can do kind of well.

SATURDAY! – The good news? The Mountain Goats are playing! With Mt. Moriah and Midtown Dickens. The bad news? This event is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. There are NO passes lying around anywhere, and there is NO way to get in the bar without a ticket. We apologize for the sellout, but we’re gonna be 100% packed to the rafters just with the people who bought tickets. Still, it’s gonna be fun.




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