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memorialize yrself with activities

Oh dear it’s a hot one out there. It’s hotter than two rats fucking in wool sock DAAAMN picture that if you will.

So get inside and cool off in the PHK (especailly tomorrow when it’s gonna be pouring down rain like oh my hell).

Monday is the stirring conclusion of Gender-Bending Movie Month, with a proud showing of The Aggressives. This is a fascinating documentary following several women around the country as they confront gender-identity norms. It’s a pretty rare film, so come check it out!

Tuesday, it’s open mic! It is what it sounds like! It is awesome.

This has been going on for a while now, and it gets better and better every month. So bring yr axe or your harp or your Tibetan alpenhorn or your Ghanaian thumb pianos, and rock the hell out! Yay!

Wednesday, oh man. It’s country night. DJ Dudefemme is spinning the best (and probably the hilarious worst) of the genre. Line dancing instruction will happen, and awesome tunes will be forthcoming. Woot!

Summer is completely here right now! Can you believe it?


The Pinhook.



This Friday is like the best cause in Durham, The Pin Projekt! It’s a fundraiser for the annual Troika Music Festival, which is totally the most awesome weekend of the year in Durham. Check out the details here. Basically, tons of local artists take a bowling pin and gussy it up in some amazing way that ranges from the funny to the clever to the hilarious to the kinda-disturbing. The pins get auctioned off, and all the proceeds go to making Troika the greatest music festival in the history of the world. The auctioneer is none other than Mr. Billy Sugarfix. After the auction, it’s KARAOKE TIME! Hosted by Jason Kutchma of Red Collar! That’s gonna be sweet.

Thursday ain’t a bad night, as the psychedelic alt-country of Austin’s The Lonesome Heroes mellowly lifts the mood of the bar at 9, and garagey bite of Sinful Savage Tigers finishes off the night.

Saturday night’s all right for rockin’ as The Pneurotics bring the heavy-ass power pop madness back to the stage! Raleigh’s killinest band Lonnie Walker holds down the middle, and the sweet, sweet strains of The Sweet Sacrifice kick things off.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to get a pin!



I got an angry inch

Gender Bending Month continues with possible the greatest musical ever, the iconic Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Unbelievably great music, awesome psychedelic visuals, and kick-ass performances. If you’ve seen this, come see it again. If you haven’t, well, get here. This movie with stone cold rock your face off.

Tuesday is the triumphant return of the incredible Pink Flag! First time on the new stage too! Chi-town’s 8 Inch Betsy holds down the middle spot, and the Spooky Q’s open the the damn thing at 9. It’s a free show, but passing of the hat would be appreciated. Let’s get these guys gassed up and fed. Word!

Wednesday, come see Durham’s best DJ’s spin the world’s best music, as the crew of WXDU brings the noise into the place. Ton’s of DJ’s, everything fromĀ  afro-pop to !!!. It’s gonna be great!


The Pinhook


three words…




We are open on Sundays now yeah ya heard. Last Sunday rocked us to the core, and it was good. But we still need to spread awareness of the righteous fact that we are OPEN on SUNDAYS, from 2 pm to 10 pm. Get a little afternoon/evening fun, be in bed by a reasonable time, and wake up on Monday like “Daaaaaaaamn I can’t wait for next Sunday.”

SO. Drink Blitz. $1 PBR, $3 Well Drinks all day. Free popcorn to counterpoint the consumption of liquids. FREE POOL ALL DAMN DAY!

This has been a public service announcement. A “Pinhook” Service Announcement, if you’ll allow me.

What else is happening? Well, it’s a 3 day juggernaut of awesome, awesome music.

Thursday, the rising-like-a-lava-bomb HOG headlines a bill of sublime heaviness. HOG takes the lockstep mega-riffs of Tooth and turns them into something molten and transormative. Groovier than the average metal band, with heavy drone and krautrock influences. The Bronzed Chorus holds down the middle with their scalding, acid-fried post rock. Self Evident, apparently singlehandedly donning the mantle of Shudder to Think, tightens the drums at 9. Be there for a Thursday of mind-transmographying heavy music.

Friday is slightly less heavy, but no less conciousness expanding, as the titans of Gray Young bring their chiming shimmering tribal freakouts to the stage. The jagged tones of Solar Powered Sun Destroyer are in the middle, and Charlotte’s Harvard opens the set.

Saturday. Ooooooooh Saturday! We’ve got such fun things going on AAAAAAAA

IT IS THE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY FOR ACTUAL PERSON LIVING OR DEAD, THE NEW PROJECT FROM DAVE CANTWELL OF CG&J. They are amazing, really pretty, spooky, looping melodies. Attend the show and get a free copy of their album!


Be There Ya’ll, and I’ll see you.



sundays are a thing!

Just got back from some SERIOUS hangin’ at The PHK. What day is today? It’s motherfuckin’ SUNDAY y’all! That’s right, it’s a thing. We are open on Sundays from 2 pm to 10 pm. Next week is our official Sunday Drink Blitz, with $1 PBR and $3 Well Drinks! You cannot beat it. Today was insane fun, all watching storms come in from the back patio, all mega post-softball crowd. OnlyBurger showed the hell up (want to make this a thing, so come). Ok more on Sundays later. I promise you will hear from me on Wednesday about just how amazing the next one is gonna be. Word!

Ok what’s up.

Monday, Gender Bending month continues, with a beautiful Belgian film, Ma Vie en Rose.

Check it out! We also have an pretty nice set of specials on Monday nights, including free popcorn and $3 NC Drafts, which at this point include Bad Penny, Foothills Hurricane Hefeweizen, and Highland Oatmeal Porter. Supposed to be all stormy and moody tomorrow, so hole up in our place with a cold pint, some hot buttered “popped” corn, and a very pretty film.

Tuesday? Oh don’t say it, but we got majorly more Karaoke comin’s yr way. Last time was hella fun, all words project on the screen, all kickin’ sound system just cold layin’ out “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” You know how this works, everyone needs a little sauce before they can bring their personal magic. I know that singing is like playing pool…you can’t do it dead-ass sober. Come one, come all, and we’ll dogg it up real good.

Wednesday is some just flagrantly great live music as the shimmery springtime sounds of Ghost Cats blends right into the literary, mannered folk-rock of NoHow On, and ends with the organ driven Q + The Mysteriansesque garage pop of Crackow Now! ! The extra question mark is for extra “now”.

Cool! We’re done here, for now.

Happy Sunday and Happy Week!



everybody dance like there’s an ass in your pants

Anybody catch the reference in today’s blog title? If so, comment on this shit and I might buy you a beer the next time I see you.

OK! We got a show on Thursday to talk about, and then some other stuff to talk about! So let’s talk about it!

Do you know Lions at Lunchtime? They are wicked awesome, and they got themselves the 11 o’clock spot Thursday night. Think Thin Lizzy meets Sloan, with awesome guitarmonies and hooks that’ll grab you by the collar and lead you closer to the stage. The middle is held down by the ineffable charm of Smile Radio and their vivacious acoustic pop. The laid-back laconicism of Vibrant Green starts at 9, so get there before then.

Friday is a Ricky + Joe Dance Party! Pretend it’s yr prom and throw up!

Saturday is another dance party, the first in a monthly series hosted by our rad friends Joe and Cody. It even has a name! Gold Leggings on a Hotel Floor! My God, the decadence. but this decadence has a message, by Jehosephat. The proceeds of the evening go to a very good cause, Equality NC. Check em’ out. There is no reason not to go completely CRAZY ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAA I am getting all jazzed just in the anticipation. The floor will flex and the roof will be torn, verily, from the sucka.



The Pinhook


oooh i am excited right now

HAHAHAHA look at that poster! That’s awesome! Last week we showed The Crying Game, which was kind of a devastating experience for everyone involved. Great movie. Kind of a downer.

But gender-bending month is not really about emotional destruction. It’s also about fun and awesomeness, and what is better than Dustin Hoffman in a sweet dress in front of the American Flag. God Bless America. Am I weird for being kind of turned on by that poster?

No. YOU are weird for NOT being turned on by it. Damn that man can wear that dress. Anyway, that’s Monday. Rock on! Remember, free popcorn and $3 NC drafts to whet yr appetite/whistle during the film. A movie without popcorn is not a movie.

OK let’s talk about trivia. It is kind of different! Trivia is a funky mistress, and we are still experimenting with formats and stuff, and I have recruited OTHER Nick to help out. Mainly, he is much more charismatic than me, and he is going to host the damn thing now, with me relegated to the role of sidekick. I am cool with this. If you don’t know Nick, you need to come and meet the dude and have questions said at you by him. Remember, win a round and win a free pitcher!

Wednesday is some damn fine live music comin’ atcha, as Raleigh’s Rawkin River City Ransom brings their mega-overdrive southern-tinged medicine show into the bar. The excellently excellent Born Empty holds down the middle slot, and the crazed jazz-influenced headbangery of KID:NAP:KIN open Pandora’s Box at 9. Be there.

Love you!