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wrecked ships and filthy birds

Holy Moly it’s 3 days of musical madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU! Come celebrate the (temporary) end of the crushing, punishing heat with some hto-ass rock and roll musications. Seriously have you seen the forecast for the next few days? I am in bliss.

Anyway, Thursday we got Alcazar Hotel laying down a fine mist of moss-hung southern groovyness, the pitch-perfect country pop of Wood Ear, and the classic-rock-radio driving music of Florida’s Only Thieves. Seriously, they remind me of Drivin’ and Cryin’, and that ain’t no bad thing a’tall. A’tall

Let me say a thing at you. Friday…is…motherfuckin’…reggae…night. That is what I said. You ever watch Channel 18? Durham Community Media, cold bringing the voices of the people to the people? Well, this is a benefit for those guys. They do an awesome job of giving Durhamites access to broadcast media, so come help’em out. With the reggae stuff. Pure Fiya starts the night off with their traditional take, while DOCO adds some more modern elements to headline the show. The highlight of the night, however, is DJ Ryah AKA Zack on the decks, with the best collection on earth and the skills to pay shitloads of bills. Gonna rule.

And then. AND THEN. Saturday is a pretty killer lineup, as the long lost SHIPWRECKER comes back to the stage. YES. THE ANCHOR RETURNS. These guys play kick-ass lugubrious Tindersticks meet Nick Cave rock with a distinct maritime theme. God so good.

And oh wait there’s more let me kick your ass with it. Filthy Bird holds down the middle spot. This is Greensboro’s best band, so don’t miss them. And oh wait just sit down and listen to me, Homoticons open the thing up. For God’s sake.

And oh yeah one more thing. Sunday is July 4th, and you can see the Fireworks from the Bulls Stadium PERFECTLY from our back patio. PERFECTLY. Come check that shit out.



the heat. it is terrible.

It is, I say. Extremely terrible. Maybe we can transfer the entire city of Durham to like a part of Maine for the whole summer, and then move it back here to NC when things start to get raw up there. I don’t know, are people in the main more into hot-ass oven summers or freezing neptunian death winters. I am a winter guy, since way back. Me and the summer, we get along in certain situations (such as lakes and Iceland) but basically I hate being hot. It’s cool though. AC is a thing, even though it is killing our earth. Sorry to get weird on ya, the heat puts the zap on my brain.

Yo, so sports movie month ends tomorrow! Monday! It’s an awesome one, A League of Their Own, possibly the greatest thing Madonna ever did. That is not true, Like A Virgin is great and Like a Prayer is even better, and even Ray of Light has its moments of really good “Hey it’s the 21st century lets dance our asses off” power. Still, this movie is a definite high point. Also, it’s just a rad movie in many many ways.

Who like belly dancing? Everyone does, because it is fun and sexy and totally unique. Can you do it, though? Impress the crowd with your skills on Tuesday as Open Belly Dancing night completely happens.

Wednesday night is some special stuff, as we show the documentary “In My Mind”, the story of an up-and-coming Jazz pianist preparing to completely rock on the tunes of Thelonius Monk. T. Monk was born around here, word, Durham Side, NC Pride.

Spent too much time outdoors today and my mind is hella wonky, but damn is my skin a beautiful bronze color.




cheap and slutty post

Ok so this is the damn deal:

THURSDAY: BLAM. This is happening. Pistil, Up The Down Escalator, and The Spring Collection are throwing the first Halloween party of the year. Yes you read that shit right. Don’t argue, Bring Tricks, bring treats, dress up like a damn fool. It’s gonna be awesome.

FRIDAY: BLAM. This is happening. The Carpe Noctem Crew is gonna put some heat under the sucker with the sickest dance party ever held. These guys bring it raw with panache and style, one minute mile, all receipts on file. The last one they threw had lasers and shit. Lasers, fog machines, lights. It was a glorious sexplosion, and this one will be BIGGER.

SATURDAY: BLAM. This is happening. It’s just a sweet, savage, sexy Saturday night at The Pinhook. DJ’s, dancing, drinking, and drama (not).

Here is a new exciting thing. If you come to the next trivia competition on July 13th, you can win this, courtesy of our friends at Merge records.

We rule aw yeaaah.

-The Pinhook


It’s an afterparty weekend! (you can make it)

A blog like this, while designed to convey certain information, also has a responsiblity to be fun. With that in mind, allow me to share something awesome with you.

There. See? I made the blog fun as hell.

Ok, to the brass tacks.

Thursday – It’s a damn Hip-Hop extravaganza, as four of the freshest damn talents in the Tri hit the stage. Dasan, Aden, Lizh, and Uprite Lions. Crazy ass syrupy southern beats and complete conciousness expanding lyrics. Check the hell out of this shit, it’s gonna rule.

Friday – Hey did you see that The Pinhook were finalists for like 50 different categories in the recent Independent Weekly Best of the Triangle issue? Well we were. (Maybe not 50, but, like, alot). So the Indyweek is having a big Best Of Party at Golden Belt on Friday night, and we are having the damn afterparty! Our main dude and party-starter Juan Huevos is gonna kick out the jams, and it will just be insane.

Saturday – So the This Machine Kills Cancer benefit is raging all day down at the Triangle Brewing Co. This will raise money to help out Shane Miel deal with the costs of Lymphoma treatment (US health care can taste a dong, as far as I am concerned), but its more than that. Shane and Rebecca are starting a non-profit to help local musicians deal with health related expenses. This is probably the most awesome cause in the world, and literally everyone on earth should attend. Great bands all day.

OH! We are having the afterparty. Watch bands, help out a great cause, and then come dance yo azz off at The Hook. We are asking for $5 bucks at the door (all of which will go to TMKC), but if you went to the benefit show you don’t have to worry about paying (unless you are just a big-hearted wonderful old softie). Check out deets.

Yay done!



the madness continues…

Oh sweet Jebus Hector Christmas, that is what I call a weekend at the PHK. Ricky and Joe brought the pain on Friday with their most kick-ass dance party yet, and In The Year Of The Pig, Caltrop, and Ruscha stripped the paint off the walls with an unbelievable metal assault on Saturday night. I would rank that among my top five favorite shows ever at this bar. Damn it is an honor to live among such excellent musicians (as a slightly drunker Bilbo Baggins might say.)

Quick notes:

1. We are totally open on Sundays now. It has been very nice. I just watched some world cup at another one of the fine drinking establishments in town, and while I love the world cup, they all turn the sound way up, and in this tournament the main sound is hundreds of buzzing plastic horns, like a swarm of angry bees attacking the face. So, if the matches ain’t your thing on a Sunday, come hang out here. (RIght now the soundtrack is a delightful Sonic Youth/Yo La Tengo/GBV playlist.)

2. If you are 18 or older, c’mon in. We are now 18 and up for shows.

Ok, what’s up.

In other World Cup news, on Monday we are showing Zidane, a fantastic experimental documentary highlighting one game in the career of the polarizing Zinadane Zidane. Remember last World Cup? He was the guy that head-butted that Italian dude in the chest in the final. Basically, 25 cameras follow ZZ through one match, with an awesome soundtrack provided by British post-rockers Mogwai.

Tuesday, Open Mic returns! You know how this works, so come slay some shit with your undiscovered talent.

Wednesday, it’s a night of bold experimental music. It’s a happening, more than a show. The improvisational Y2K Bunker will take you on a post-industrial journey. And Green Tea…well, let’s let them explain themselves: “Green tea tames anti-roxidants with a bitter blend of skull-smacking riffage and crybaby crooning. Full on improv, the only guarantee is that you will be set on fire.” Shit. That is one hell of a guarantee.

(Ed: You probably won’t be set on fire.)

We are rocking the summer, together, forever.



Wow the upcoming rock is kind of impressive

HOla chochachuelos. Shall I just jump right into this? I think I shall, because I am about to head to the gardens to see The Pinhook’s own Heather McEntire slay everyone with her beautiful band Mt. Moriah, who by the way are playing The Hook on July 31st with Midtown Dickens and the Mountain Goats. It’s the bill of awesome Ms.

THURSDAY – Red Collar’s Jason Kutchma headlines with his gritty concrete street hollerin’, all telling like it is with excellent tunes to back up the excellent lyrics. The shambolic folk of Wesley Wolfe (new Odessa signee) is in the middle, and the jagged unrelenting post-punk of Blag’ard kicks things off.

FRIDAY – There are some ladies who know,

their names are Ricky and Joe,

and when they put on a show,

all that glitters is gold

…which is the theme of this month’s Ricky & Joe Dance Party! Gonna rock.

SATURDAY – Oh boy THIS is a banger. Caltrop, they of the thor’s hammer southern blues metal, headlines a show that also features the AWESOME In The Year of the Pig. This is only the second time ITYOTP has played PHK, and believe me they are incredible. Ruscha opens the show up at 10!

Word Up People,

-The Pin


world cup fever

It seems like everybody becomes unAmerican these days, and I mean unAmerican in a good way, because it basically means embracing the amazing sport of futbol. The World Cup is awesome, and we are celebrating it the best way we know how…with an unbelievable film showing.

The Independent Weekly kicks off its “Kicks and Flicks” series on Monday with a screening of Pelada, a film that debuted at this years Full Frame Documentary festival. The film follows four college soccer players around the world as they attempt to join in pickup games of Soccer everywhere from Brazil to Iran. It’s a beautiful yet unwavering look at the power of Futbol to bring people together, and sometimes divide them. Yeeeah!

Tuesday night is a rockin’ show featuring the syrupy, quirky jangle of Morningbell, the old school choppery of Puritan Rodeo, and the power-solo act of Vince Williams. Come early for an open-mic sponsored by Self Help!

Wednesday – Wolf Nipple Foofaraw baby. You know what to do. Bring your voice, your fiddle, your organs and soul, and any other noise/music making device you got and show up, 9 O Clocky.