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pychedelic bookends

Wow, what a great weekend we have planned for YOU, citizens of the world.

Thursday it’s a southern rock fiasco, ranging from the delicately poised to the flailing around, as Calico Haunts returns to the stage. The Haunts are opening up for the Helmian in-the-pocket country rockers and Filthybird friends Semi Formal. The bill is finished up by the molten, lo-fo soul of Supreme Fiction. I have been listening to the hell out of SF for a while now, and they are like a classy, sexier version of John WIlkes Booze. So…awesome.

Friday Ricky and Joe return with  their most provocative party yet: GAYWATCH. Dress for the beach y’all.

Saturday actually makes me really sad that I am out of town right now, because it is an INCREDIBLE lineup of some of the most soul-melting psychedelia NC has to offer. Seriously, do not miss this one. Secret Mountains make music that sounds like they are cresting some flag-festooned ridge in the Himalayas: spooky, triumphant, droney pysch. And No Eyes blend concrete garage jams with the forests of Appalachia. Goddamn, this is a good show. Locals Barron open up at 10.