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a land of cool winds

That’s where I am. San Francisco. It is freezing cold, which I like.

Ok, what’s happening this week?

Monday movie night is the hilarious But I’m a Cheerleader. Poster!

Seriously, what happened to Natasha Lyonne? Did she explode in a cloud of hipness? Did she die of a heroin overdose at some extremely fashionable LES magazine party? The world will never, ever know.

What we do know, is that she is fucking hilarious in this fucking hilarious movie about “curing gayness.” Also starring Clea Duvall, who I have had a weird crush on for a long time. Ever seen The Faculty? It rules, we’ll show it one of these days.

Tuesday, it’s TRIVIA TIME AGAIN. And since I am out of the town, the excellent Nick Hawthorne Johnson is back on top of shit once again. He will ask the questions, and you will give the answers, and the beer will belong to you.

ALSO – Win 3 free yoga lessons and yoga mat from our excellent friends at Nataraja Healing Arts.

Wednesday, it’s the nipple. The wolf nipple. The Wolf Nipple Foofaraw, to be exact, and you know what that is and you know what to do at it. It’s a weird ass-hootenany, and it’s gonna destroy.