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wake up, it’s the first of the month

Last month was pretty fucking rad, though. July ended with The Mountain Goats taking the stage and blowing the minds of 250 people. Damn that was awesome. Thanks so much to John, Heather, Kym, Catherine, Jenks, et al. for an incredible night.

OK, on to august. We start a month of Classic Gay Cinema with the brilliant biopic Milk, about Harvey Milk. Not the metal band from Athens. The prominent gay rights activist and california politician who is kind of a martyr. It’s a great movie, so check it out.

Tuesday is open mic, you know what to do.

Wednesday is the return of the famous DJ Dudefemme and her menagerie of amazing country music. Live DJ’s, and line dancing lessons on the hour, helped out by the equally rad DJ Hillbilly Chateau.

Happy August Y’all!