the charming white goodbye, electric maiden collar, and one-man bands

First of all, there’s this.

Man, that ain’t no chupacabra. That is just a really ugly dog, and no dog ever deserves to get iced by some redneck sherrif animal control mofo from the ass-end of Texas. I don’t care how damn ugly the dog is. Do not shoot that dog.

Uncool, Texas.

Ok onto the brain-destroyingly great weekend we gots for you at The Pinhook.

Thursday, we got some truly heavy bookends to some awesome Raleigh garage-rock. The White Cascade opens the show 2001-esque loops of gravity-defying guitar squall, and Goodbye Titan filters that into some juggernaut enormity at the end. The excellent Charming Youngsters provide earthyl variety to an otherwise space-faring bill.

Then, on Friday, it’s THIS THING. Also, check out the article about Frank Fairfield in the Indy, which for some reason is not online yet, but I will link to that shit when it be. Do Itcha Damn Self! is basically an unbelievable assortment of local and national musicians going bandless and performing music. Slim Pickens, Dan McGee of Spider Bags, Matt White of Great White Jenkins, Catherine Edgerton of Midtown Dickens, Phil Cook of Megafaun, and the great Frank Fairfield are ready to rock you…solo-style. This is gonna be an amazing show.

Get there early in the evening for a Girls Rock NC showcase. 42 girls, all performing original songs. This is awesome, and a really good cause. There is a $5 suggested donation, and also merch and stuff for sale.

Saturday. Well now, let’s see what we have OH YEAH RED COLLAR IS PLAYING PINHOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME. Damn and a half that is some news you can use. Death Becomes Even The Maiden (awesome) on SC hold down the middle spot, and Free Electric State opens up the show. I hear the dude from FES has a new guitar strap, so you should come early to check that out yeah.

Wow, Nice Weekend, huh!




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