happy America day y’all

Seriously, happy Fourth. I’m happy. I am working the bar and there are friends of mine at the bar, drinking beer and having an extremely serious conversation about the nature of perception. It’s normal behavior. for this day.

Anyway tomorrow (Monday) is the first in our series of Dance Movies! And guess what’s playin!

Word! This is honestly a great and classic movie, with some sweet dancin’ and a seriously trippy part that is the embodiment of the grandeur of old Hollywood.

This movie series is special, because it is cohosted by The American Dance Festival. Reps of ADF will be at the bar every monday in July, selling highly discounted tickets to ADF events! Come check it out!

Tuesday is Open Mic, the best in town, hosted by the Amazing Jonathan, he of the electric oud and the mad fiddlin’ skills.

And Wednesday is totally Country Music Night. DJ Dudefemme kicks out the old school classics and the guilty pleasure country tunes od yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yep, she actually travelled to the future to bring back the best country songs od 2011, 2012, and 2055 (music production mysteriously stopped for 43 years in 2012.) Will there by line-dancing? Yes.

Have a great holiday and a great day off after the holiday if you get that shit.




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