wrecked ships and filthy birds

Holy Moly it’s 3 days of musical madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU! Come celebrate the (temporary) end of the crushing, punishing heat with some hto-ass rock and roll musications. Seriously have you seen the forecast for the next few days? I am in bliss.

Anyway, Thursday we got Alcazar Hotel laying down a fine mist of moss-hung southern groovyness, the pitch-perfect country pop of Wood Ear, and the classic-rock-radio driving music of Florida’s Only Thieves. Seriously, they remind me of Drivin’ and Cryin’, and that ain’t no bad thing a’tall. A’tall

Let me say a thing at you. Friday…is…motherfuckin’…reggae…night. That is what I said. You ever watch Channel 18? Durham Community Media, cold bringing the voices of the people to the people? Well, this is a benefit for those guys. They do an awesome job of giving Durhamites access to broadcast media, so come help’em out. With the reggae stuff. Pure Fiya starts the night off with their traditional take, while DOCO adds some more modern elements to headline the show. The highlight of the night, however, is DJ Ryah AKA Zack on the decks, with the best collection on earth and the skills to pay shitloads of bills. Gonna rule.

And then. AND THEN. Saturday is a pretty killer lineup, as the long lost SHIPWRECKER comes back to the stage. YES. THE ANCHOR RETURNS. These guys play kick-ass lugubrious Tindersticks meet Nick Cave rock with a distinct maritime theme. God so good.

And oh wait there’s more let me kick your ass with it. Filthy Bird holds down the middle spot. This is Greensboro’s best band, so don’t miss them. And oh wait just sit down and listen to me, Homoticons open the thing up. For God’s sake.

And oh yeah one more thing. Sunday is July 4th, and you can see the Fireworks from the Bulls Stadium PERFECTLY from our back patio. PERFECTLY. Come check that shit out.



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