the heat. it is terrible.

It is, I say. Extremely terrible. Maybe we can transfer the entire city of Durham to like a part of Maine for the whole summer, and then move it back here to NC when things start to get raw up there. I don’t know, are people in the main more into hot-ass oven summers or freezing neptunian death winters. I am a winter guy, since way back. Me and the summer, we get along in certain situations (such as lakes and Iceland) but basically I hate being hot. It’s cool though. AC is a thing, even though it is killing our earth. Sorry to get weird on ya, the heat puts the zap on my brain.

Yo, so sports movie month ends tomorrow! Monday! It’s an awesome one, A League of Their Own, possibly the greatest thing Madonna ever did. That is not true, Like A Virgin is great and Like a Prayer is even better, and even Ray of Light has its moments of really good “Hey it’s the 21st century lets dance our asses off” power. Still, this movie is a definite high point. Also, it’s just a rad movie in many many ways.

Who like belly dancing? Everyone does, because it is fun and sexy and totally unique. Can you do it, though? Impress the crowd with your skills on Tuesday as Open Belly Dancing night completely happens.

Wednesday night is some special stuff, as we show the documentary “In My Mind”, the story of an up-and-coming Jazz pianist preparing to completely rock on the tunes of Thelonius Monk. T. Monk was born around here, word, Durham Side, NC Pride.

Spent too much time outdoors today and my mind is hella wonky, but damn is my skin a beautiful bronze color.




1 Response to “the heat. it is terrible.”

  1. June 28, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    In My Mind sounds like a great flick, but I just wanted to make sure that the “here” where Thelonius Monk was born was actually Rocky Mount, NC (my hometown) and not Durham, although Durham has produced (and continues to produce) some great musical geniuses. That said, Rocky Mount is only about an hour away so it’s still fairly local. Just wanted to give my hometown it’s due.

    And yay Durham!

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