cheap and slutty post

Ok so this is the damn deal:

THURSDAY: BLAM. This is happening. Pistil, Up The Down Escalator, and The Spring Collection are throwing the first Halloween party of the year. Yes you read that shit right. Don’t argue, Bring Tricks, bring treats, dress up like a damn fool. It’s gonna be awesome.

FRIDAY: BLAM. This is happening. The Carpe Noctem Crew is gonna put some heat under the sucker with the sickest dance party ever held. These guys bring it raw with panache and style, one minute mile, all receipts on file. The last one they threw had lasers and shit. Lasers, fog machines, lights. It was a glorious sexplosion, and this one will be BIGGER.

SATURDAY: BLAM. This is happening. It’s just a sweet, savage, sexy Saturday night at The Pinhook. DJ’s, dancing, drinking, and drama (not).

Here is a new exciting thing. If you come to the next trivia competition on July 13th, you can win this, courtesy of our friends at Merge records.

We rule aw yeaaah.

-The Pinhook


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