world cup fever

It seems like everybody becomes unAmerican these days, and I mean unAmerican in a good way, because it basically means embracing the amazing sport of futbol. The World Cup is awesome, and we are celebrating it the best way we know how…with an unbelievable film showing.

The Independent Weekly kicks off its “Kicks and Flicks” series on Monday with a screening of Pelada, a film that debuted at this years Full Frame Documentary festival. The film follows four college soccer players around the world as they attempt to join in pickup games of Soccer everywhere from Brazil to Iran. It’s a beautiful yet unwavering look at the power of Futbol to bring people together, and sometimes divide them. Yeeeah!

Tuesday night is a rockin’ show featuring the syrupy, quirky jangle of Morningbell, the old school choppery of Puritan Rodeo, and the power-solo act of Vince Williams. Come early for an open-mic sponsored by Self Help!

Wednesday – Wolf Nipple Foofaraw baby. You know what to do. Bring your voice, your fiddle, your organs and soul, and any other noise/music making device you got and show up, 9 O Clocky.




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