oh how we will dance

Some stuff:

1. The patio is so awesome. The view is so awesome.

2. In order to be way cooler, we are going 18 and up. As a showcase for local music, it’s not quite fair to keep some of the most enthusiastic fans out of shows. Welcome, 18-21ers, we are happy to serve you soda and chips. Don’t mess around with me. In 1 to 3 years you can knock back the whiskey.

Ok, let’s rock the docket.

Thursday, some of the best heavy-pop music from the triangle and beyond rolls into the place. Michael and his Garden kick things off, followed by the insane, disciplined jazz-rock of Supervision, and the jagged hooks of Chapel Hill’s En Serenade close the show down. Word.

Friday, it’s (hell yes) Birds and Arrows, purveyors of some of the most gorgeous countrified music on earth. These guys are pitch fucking perfect, and one of my favorite bands around. Also, Andre let me use her amp when we played together in Winston-Salem, so that also means that they are very nice people. The surfy madness of Jordan and the Sphinx holds down the middle, with the aching southern strains of Humble Tripe Kicking things off.

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. We don’t deserve you, but we have you anyway.

That’s right, it;s the Misbehaved Records showcase. Misbehaved is an awesome label owned and operated by an awesome person, the inimitable Kim Gray. Holy shit is this a lineup. The crazed punk-prog of Beloved Binge,  the robot juggernaut riffs of Scientific Superstar, the brain-fried surf punk Blood Red River, the gorgeous melodies of Sequoya (who it was great to see in DC last weekend), the kitchen sink zen-anthems of Somerset Frisby, and so much more. Burlesque between acts by The Hellcat Vixens. Oh man oh man oh man. Wow. Just. Wow.

That shit starts at 7, by the way, so come early.




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