memorialize yrself with activities

Oh dear it’s a hot one out there. It’s hotter than two rats fucking in wool sock DAAAMN picture that if you will.

So get inside and cool off in the PHK (especailly tomorrow when it’s gonna be pouring down rain like oh my hell).

Monday is the stirring conclusion of Gender-Bending Movie Month, with a proud showing of The Aggressives. This is a fascinating documentary following several women around the country as they confront gender-identity norms. It’s a pretty rare film, so come check it out!

Tuesday, it’s open mic! It is what it sounds like! It is awesome.

This has been going on for a while now, and it gets better and better every month. So bring yr axe or your harp or your Tibetan alpenhorn or your Ghanaian thumb pianos, and rock the hell out! Yay!

Wednesday, oh man. It’s country night. DJ Dudefemme is spinning the best (and probably the hilarious worst) of the genre. Line dancing instruction will happen, and awesome tunes will be forthcoming. Woot!

Summer is completely here right now! Can you believe it?


The Pinhook.


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