This Friday is like the best cause in Durham, The Pin Projekt! It’s a fundraiser for the annual Troika Music Festival, which is totally the most awesome weekend of the year in Durham. Check out the details here. Basically, tons of local artists take a bowling pin and gussy it up in some amazing way that ranges from the funny to the clever to the hilarious to the kinda-disturbing. The pins get auctioned off, and all the proceeds go to making Troika the greatest music festival in the history of the world. The auctioneer is none other than Mr. Billy Sugarfix. After the auction, it’s KARAOKE TIME! Hosted by Jason Kutchma of Red Collar! That’s gonna be sweet.

Thursday ain’t a bad night, as the psychedelic alt-country of Austin’s The Lonesome Heroes mellowly lifts the mood of the bar at 9, and garagey bite of Sinful Savage Tigers finishes off the night.

Saturday night’s all right for rockin’ as The Pneurotics bring the heavy-ass power pop madness back to the stage! Raleigh’s killinest band Lonnie Walker holds down the middle, and the sweet, sweet strains of The Sweet Sacrifice kick things off.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to get a pin!



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