sundays are a thing!

Just got back from some SERIOUS hangin’ at The PHK. What day is today? It’s motherfuckin’ SUNDAY y’all! That’s right, it’s a thing. We are open on Sundays from 2 pm to 10 pm. Next week is our official Sunday Drink Blitz, with $1 PBR and $3 Well Drinks! You cannot beat it. Today was insane fun, all watching storms come in from the back patio, all mega post-softball crowd. OnlyBurger showed the hell up (want to make this a thing, so come). Ok more on Sundays later. I promise you will hear from me on Wednesday about just how amazing the next one is gonna be. Word!

Ok what’s up.

Monday, Gender Bending month continues, with a beautiful Belgian film, Ma Vie en Rose.

Check it out! We also have an pretty nice set of specials on Monday nights, including free popcorn and $3 NC Drafts, which at this point include Bad Penny, Foothills Hurricane Hefeweizen, and Highland Oatmeal Porter. Supposed to be all stormy and moody tomorrow, so hole up in our place with a cold pint, some hot buttered “popped” corn, and a very pretty film.

Tuesday? Oh don’t say it, but we got majorly more Karaoke comin’s yr way. Last time was hella fun, all words project on the screen, all kickin’ sound system just cold layin’ out “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” You know how this works, everyone needs a little sauce before they can bring their personal magic. I know that singing is like playing pool…you can’t do it dead-ass sober. Come one, come all, and we’ll dogg it up real good.

Wednesday is some just flagrantly great live music as the shimmery springtime sounds of Ghost Cats blends right into the literary, mannered folk-rock of NoHow On, and ends with the organ driven Q + The Mysteriansesque garage pop of Crackow Now! ! The extra question mark is for extra “now”.

Cool! We’re done here, for now.

Happy Sunday and Happy Week!



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