everybody dance like there’s an ass in your pants

Anybody catch the reference in today’s blog title? If so, comment on this shit and I might buy you a beer the next time I see you.

OK! We got a show on Thursday to talk about, and then some other stuff to talk about! So let’s talk about it!

Do you know Lions at Lunchtime? They are wicked awesome, and they got themselves the 11 o’clock spot Thursday night. Think Thin Lizzy meets Sloan, with awesome guitarmonies and hooks that’ll grab you by the collar and lead you closer to the stage. The middle is held down by the ineffable charm of Smile Radio and their vivacious acoustic pop. The laid-back laconicism of Vibrant Green starts at 9, so get there before then.

Friday is a Ricky + Joe Dance Party! Pretend it’s yr prom and throw up!

Saturday is another dance party, the first in a monthly series hosted by our rad friends Joe and Cody. It even has a name! Gold Leggings on a Hotel Floor! My God, the decadence. but this decadence has a message, by Jehosephat. The proceeds of the evening go to a very good cause, Equality NC. Check em’ out. There is no reason not to go completely CRAZY ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAA I am getting all jazzed just in the anticipation. The floor will flex and the roof will be torn, verily, from the sucka.



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