oooh i am excited right now

HAHAHAHA look at that poster! That’s awesome! Last week we showed The Crying Game, which was kind of a devastating experience for everyone involved. Great movie. Kind of a downer.

But gender-bending month is not really about emotional destruction. It’s also about fun and awesomeness, and what is better than Dustin Hoffman in a sweet dress in front of the American Flag. God Bless America. Am I weird for being kind of turned on by that poster?

No. YOU are weird for NOT being turned on by it. Damn that man can wear that dress. Anyway, that’s Monday. Rock on! Remember, free popcorn and $3 NC drafts to whet yr appetite/whistle during the film. A movie without popcorn is not a movie.

OK let’s talk about trivia. It is kind of different! Trivia is a funky mistress, and we are still experimenting with formats and stuff, and I have recruited OTHER Nick to help out. Mainly, he is much more charismatic than me, and he is going to host the damn thing now, with me relegated to the role of sidekick. I am cool with this. If you don’t know Nick, you need to come and meet the dude and have questions said at you by him. Remember, win a round and win a free pitcher!

Wednesday is some damn fine live music comin’ atcha, as Raleigh’s Rawkin River City Ransom brings their mega-overdrive southern-tinged medicine show into the bar. The excellently excellent Born Empty holds down the middle slot, and the crazed jazz-influenced headbangery of KID:NAP:KIN open Pandora’s Box at 9. Be there.

Love you!



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