Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Is everyone all tanked to the gills and stuff? Cold margaritas all sweating in the May sun? Hell of beers in a bucket? Ass firmly planted in a kiddie pool, one foot dangling langorously over the edge?

Who am I kidding, it’s still a Wednesday. People gotta work. That kiddie pool thing is a good idea, though. I’m gonna get one for the back of The Pinhook…maybe.
Anyway, what’s going on this weekend?

Thursday is some more world famous Karaoke! Starts at 9, bring your pipes and your drinkin’ stomach. I always find that I sing better after a few whiskeys, which is conveniently on special every thursday night! I’m gonna be slayin’, all belting out Radar Love. Totally.

FRIDAY! – WXDU is having an end of the school year Dance Party! An excellent and diverse array of DJ’s will be kicking out the jams to celebrate the nighity of summer. Is “nighity” a word? It is, because I just made it one.
Saturday is an incredible lineup of bands as the gorgeous melodies of Physics of Meaning slide into the positive folk rock of Humble Tripe before culminating in the anthemic tones of Mosadi Music! Yeah, word!


El Hook


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