may is here. in yr ear!

It’s May people. The heat is down. I miss snow. I miss freezing to death. I am not a person who is ever pleased with the weather. That’s a thing to know about me. THE FUCKING SHIFT KEY ON THIS COMPUTER DOES NOT DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO.

There. Got it. So, what’s up?

Well we got a new movie theme for the month of May. It is time for Gender Bending movies. First up is a delightful romp and excellent film, The Crying Game.

Check out how my words are wrapping around this image! It’s amazing.

That’s monday. May I remind you of free popcorn, and a new special? $3 NC Pints? You don’t really see a special like that most days. That is an awesome beer special. Oh yeah, our available NC pints are Big Boss’ Bad Penny, Foothill’s Seasonal Hurrican Hefeweizen, and the ubiquitous and delicious Highland Oatmeal Porter. Yeaaaaah.

Tuesday is Open Mic! The Best Open Mic in the Triangle! No need to sign up, and some instruments are provided like drums and an amplifier.

Wednesday oh man it is time yet again for another Wolf Nipple Foofaraw! Durham’s only open jam where the music is actually good. Bring an instrument and get rocking. Songbooks provided. Inspiration…in the air.


-The PHK


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