we got shows and shows and shows

Like, the title says, hella shows comin’ down the pike next few days, but I gots some stuff to say before I say that.

1. Vegan Brunch is back! It starts up again this Sunday, May 2nd. Come check the thang out! Same deal, $7, 12-2. Mimosas and Tasty Bloodys for sale at the bar (as well as beer and everything else, if that’s how you choose to start your Sunday). The menu? Hard-ass excellent Mexican food…vegan style…to celebrate the 5th of Mayo.

2. Speaking of Sundays, we gonna start opening up on select Sundays on a trial basis. For what reason? For all ages shows. These will be early deals (like, 7 to 10) so young and old alike can have some end-of-the-weekend rock and still wake up for work come monday’s morn. Check the schedule, we got a few of these jams upcoming.

3. Have you seen our new stage??? It is so awesome. It is higher (so you can see the bands), it has lighting (so you can see the bands), and it is in a different place, so now you can just walk straight out the backdoor to our patio without having to walk around the stage. Oh, yeah, we have a rockin’ patio too. I am gonna work on getting a picture of this thing in action, and I will update the hell out of this blog.

Ok, enough talking points. We are not politicians here. This is not a GOP prayer breakfast kind of place. Fuck that.

Thursday we got the freaky folk pop of Chapel Hill’s The Toddelers, the flute virtuosity of Skylar, and the mellow tunes of Royal Forest.

Friday oh no we got Maple Stave just PUNISHING with their math-steeled, post-rock tribal excellence. Been a while since I’ve seen these guys. Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the fantastic Veronique Diabolique, with their crazy ass frenchitude and awesome goth punk. Jason Kutchma of Red Collar opens up with some solo jams. Damn that dude is prolific.

Saturday it’s a 307 Knox presents bill with the slip-sliding feedback of Where the Buffalo Roamed, the Nipponophile garage pop of Fujiyama Roll, and the rip-roaring experimentl pysch pop of Wilmington’s Fractal Farm.




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