yeah this is happening

Look over to the left side of the blog, now. And then notice the amazing poster that is sitting there. It’s a poster for the greatest rock movie of all time. The Last Waltz, a film by Martin Scorsese. This is a document of the last ever show by The Band, which is a band that is not a bad band. In fact, they are THE Band. You know who they are. You know what this movie is. Come see it, it’s gonna be the shit.

Tuesday is another thing alltogether. We finally get the new project from Justin Robinson, of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. This is Justin Robinson and the Marionettes, kind of an incredible mish-mash of hip hop and Victorian orchestration. Ex-members of the incredible Sweet By-And-By feature heavily, and the bookends are the sweet fine tunes of Bess Rogers and the nascent chanteuse Lelia Broussard.

Wednesday…it’s a thing! Think about driving a broken down getaway car out of Lincoln, Nebraska with a melancholy weight on your heart. You’ve just pulled off the greatest bank-heist of all time! But you can’t tell anyone about it. And your lover is far, far away. That’s who we got. Just awesome indie-country in the form of Colline Herring and Warren Jackson Hearne. Yeah, it’s sweet pretty music, but it will take you into wednesday like what.




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