Yo yo yo wassup my brothers and sisters. You come here (presumably) to learn what’s going on at The Pinhook, and I am here to tell you that I am here to tell you exactly that.

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Thursday we got the DURTY Art Collective throwin a benefit with some of the greatest electronic (and other) music groups of the area. This is gonna kill shit. 6 bands (Kellie Ann Grubbs, Mystic Mynstrals, Tea & Tempests, Casual Curious, Lake Inferior, and the radness that is Tree City). Show starts at 8, so come early for some rockin’ good times.

Friday night is PUNK night, one of the first just completely raw punk shows we have had, as the awesome Double Negative takes the stage. Opening up is Easy Action, featuring John Brannon and Harold Richardson of the legendary Negative Approach (!!!), and Charlotte’s amazing GRIDS kick things off at 9. It’s gonna be  sweaty and raw. Word!

Saturday we got some of the best hip-hop of the TRI (and some soul from Massachusetts too) comin’s through with Menes, YIT, D.U.N, Alexi, and Thomahawk.




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