free electric yes!

Oh man I am chillin’ in the Pinhook RIGHT NOW, listening to the ecstatic tones of the Wolf Nipple Foofaraw. It’s a band that plays here once a month. And guess what? ANYBODY CAN BE IN THE BAND, AT ANY MOMENT. Basically its an open jam, with songbooks and lyric sheets. It is so awesome. It is making me extremely happy right now. It’s like the old song…

“FOOO Fa Raw, Fa Raw.

Whatever will be, will be…”

Anyway, let’s talk about the next couple of days, because heady and funfilled days they are indeed.

Thursday we got a nice relaxed two-band show featuring Now You See Them and Uncle Mountain. Both these bands are totally what you need to listen to if you are driving to the beach in the Southern United States. If you started up in the mountains, and are making a big trip to the coast, even better. Seeing them live, you can capture that feeling in a beer bottle.

Friday is definitely exciting, because we got two of our favorite bands playing, plus the band that I happen to be in. Beloved Binge and Raleigh’s excellent A Rooster For The Masses kick things off for Free Electric State’s CD release party. The first two bands are incredible (and very different) with The Binge playing a kind of relaxed duo-prog, and Rooster completely rocking the shit out of everything with political dance-punk. Free Electric State…well, I play in that band, so I feel kind of bad about using this forum to say really nice things about us.

Oh, fuck it. We will crush you. We will rock your face into sweet, sexy, savage oblivion. Prepare to not remember the rest of the weekend, because we will have rocked you that hard. Prepare to wake up sticky and satisfied.

Saturday, be there as the great bucolic pianist Jon Lindsay and the RIGHTEOUS Tomahawks (with some of the best vocal gymnastics around) open up for Luego.

It’s A Weekend in the Spring People, so Rejoice!

-Theee Pinhooook.


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