rock doc month continues and bands!

Ok guys, this is probably the only time in your whole life that you are going to be able to see this movie. It is hell of rare. They got footage of Dylan and Lennon riding in a cab together. They got Dylan/cocaine sitting together, hanging out. This is the filthy counterpoint to the OTHER D.A. Pennebaker Dylan documentary, Don’t Look Back. Totally unreleased, but I managed to snag a rare copy on DVD from a person who is awesome. I won’t name her, but she knows who she is. She knows that she is awesome.

I am having a conversation about Juggaloes right now.

Ok, that’s monday. What’s up with Tuesday?

Tuesday is a great band from Wilmington called Unholy Tongues. Let me just cull from what I have already written abotu this show.

Unholy Tongues – Urgent, delay-drenched kraut-heavy dance music. Think Maserati, except they’re in a hurry to tell you what’s on their mind. Goodbye Titan – Lead heavy, mind-fuck space rock for our modern, moonbaseless age.
IRATA – Consummately tight, shoegazey Americana.

Hey I did a good job there! That’s what this show is about, and it’s going to kick azzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday is another world-famous Wolf Nipple Foofaraw! This is an open jam, but don’t let the j-word fool you. This is awesome! Songbooks are provided, everything from old-school bluegrass to Big Star and REM. Bring your instrument, this is a fine forum for expressing one’s self.




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