Oh my god in heaven it is quite a damn weekend on the platter for all y’all, and me. Let me start this off by saying that the great ALL YOUR SCIENCE will be playing their final show ever not their final show ever on Saturday night. They are one of my favorite bands ever. They played our grand opening party, where you could have seen me wearing a viking helmet, headbanging, right in front of Dave Z. playing his portable drum kit (yes I was wasted. It was our grand opening!).

They are awesome, and this is the last time to see them before they go away forever. WRONG! Sorry Dave and Lou, I thought this was your last show. I am glad to hear that it is not.  Polite Sleeper, Sequoya, and Charming Youngsters open the show.

Friday is a Ricky and Joe dance party, and it’s right in the middle of Full Frame! Should be the stuff and a half. The theme is Spring Fever, which I have right now, so look for not a lot of clothes. In the afternoon on Friday, we are honored to have a music-listening session with David Harrington of the incredible Kronos Quartet! If you don’t know the KQ, then you do not know awesome music. Seriously this is a big thing having this dude in the bar, and it should be a fascinating discussion/listening jam. Rock the hell on.

Thursday night ain’t no lamer as Cassis Orange takes the stage. Think Beach House with a bit more edge and spookiness. The always incredible Wood Ear open up, and Butterflies get the last spot. Show at 9, y’all.


The Pollenhook


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