full frame month, and we got the spirit…

Check out THAT mofo! That’s a beautiful thing. Pretty self-explanatory; in honor of full frame this month, we are showing documentaries on monday night. But because we rock, we are showing ROCK documentaries. First up is a double bill of D.A. Pennebaker’s Monterey Pop, nicely counterpointed with Alber Maysles Gimme Shelter. Come watch the 60’s begin and end, except not in that order, because I don’t want to bum everyone out. This shit gonna end with Jimi lighting a guitar on fire.

Tuesday is another of JT’s patentedly awesome open mics! Bring your talents and your voice and your instruments. We will provide the amplification.

Wednesday is a great treat, as Minorcan headlines an incredible bill. These guys write great Americana-folk-protest-sad-happy-beautiful songs, so check’em out. Katie Grace Helow holds the bill together with humid southern delitesse, Florida style. Get there early, though, because Paul Stanley Gets Mad At A Guy With A Laser! This is basically bunch of great musicians from around here covering all of “Nebraska”, the best Springsteen Album. Hell yeahaaaaaa.




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