waaaaaa let’s all destroy!

Man I’ve been moving houses for like 3 days! It cold sucks to move, but when I’m all cozy in my new place with like a glass of whiskey in my hand and a hound snoring at my feet, I will look back and say “It cold sucks to move.”

So what’s the haps, slap-pappies?


Thursday night, I Was Totally Destroying It is BACK with a vengeance. What a great band. If you don’t know who they are, please stop doing that right now, and go see them. One the area’s hugest, most powerful group of sorcerors. The equally brilliant Ben Davis and the Jett$ hold down the middle with their jagged guitars and drum-tight rhthyms (I spelled that right first try, all). Art -damaged dance group Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun opens up. Show starts at niner.

Friday oh my god, two of the best of the best. The magnificent Spider Bags releases their new 45 on Chaz’s label, and Chaz will be there to spin records before and after the show! The equally phenomenal Dry Heathens open up, but this is basically a bill of huge headliners. Like seeing Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. They flip a coin to decide the order.

Saturday, thanks for Pistil, Scientific Superstar,  and Anna Rose Beck for jumping on the bill. Gonna be sweet. I love that Pistil song about eating brains and stuff.




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