Daaaaaaaaaaamn, what it is ‘pon this fine 85 degree day, Durham? Don’t get used to it, the weekend gonna be nasty. In so many ways. Nasty with rock, and with the singing of us, collectively, in a karaokegasm. The watchword of this blog post is “nasty”, and I use it in an incredibly positive way. The way The Stooges were Nasty. The way Prince is Completely Nasty.

THURSDAY!!! – The nastiness begins with the nastiest girls on earth, Vancouver’s The Pack A.D. These people play the music of sexy danger, with foot-stomping rhythms and that excellent sneer. SO good. They got a new album dropping in April, so check’em out before they completely explode. Raleigh’s absolutely nasty Gross Ghost opens up the show. I love Gross Ghost. If you don’t make it to the capitol that often, do not miss this shit. They rule, and they deserve many lovers in Durham.

FRIDAY!!! – The Deleted Scenes headline a stellarific bill of utter nastiness. These guys are stoned geniuses from DC, playing consummate atmosphere-scratching dreamy rock. Get there early for Lands of Wonder, Wilmington’s premiere mavens of psychedelic fantasticosity. One of NC’s best bands, easy. Lille Bronze opens the show at 10.


SATURDAY!!! Gonna let the image speak for me.

The last time we all got nasty with some Karaoke it was the funnest night on earth, so let’s do that shit again! Starts at 9, but by 11 hopefully everyone will be drunk and singing like beautiful, rare tropical birds.




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