quite an interesting film

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Aw yeah it’s nice to be writin’ this thing after playing the Cat’s Cradle. Perhaps you saw my band play there tonight. We are called “The Electric Blahblah” and we opened up for some band called Deerhumper. Why anyone would be proud about their predilection toward humping innocent deer is beyond me, but they turned out to be pretty good. They ended the set with a cover of “Haven’t got room for the pain” by Carly Simon, which is weird, because that’s the same song we ended our set with! Those deer humpers stole our idea.

Enough about me and the things I saw and did tonight, let’s talk about tomorrow’s movie.

It is called Prospero’s Books, directed by the brilliant Peter Greenaway. This is a very odd and fascinating film adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and it took me like a million years to actually find a copy of it. The great John Gielgud provides voices for all the characters, and it uses motion capture, animation, and copious amounts of nudity. It rocks, and is rare, and all ya’ll should come out.

Tuesday is some awesome rock n’ roll featuring Dark Water Rising and their revivalist, soulful southernity; the nasty and jubilant horn-based ecclectic stylings of Red Pon Clock; kicking things off is Gossip Grows on Trees, the most enthusiastic group of traditional geniuses this side of The Far East (where traditional geniuses Grow on Trees.)

Wednesday is the Hip-Hop jam of a lifetime as Raleigh’s incredible Dasan Ahanu anchors some ridiculous grooves. Greensboro’s UpRite Lions headline, and The Big Chill Music kicks things off early at 9. Do not miss this, because NC has a sadly underrated hip-hop scene, and these guys deserve to be the next big thing.

Alright! Out!



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