it’s votin’ time

Wassup m’ droogs? Y’all excited about the warm weather? I told you it was coming, and I was right.

Jumpin into this…

Thursday is gonna be the shit guys, as two great bands from the frozen north grace our glorious stage with their glorious selves. Opening the show is The David Wax Museum, this totally hot folk group from Boston. They’ve played here before, but that was before their stock kind of went through the roof like a faulty water-heater.

The main attraction is our buddy The Daredevil Christopher Wright, from Eau Claire, WI (the home of Megafaun and Bon Iver). DCW kills you softly with gorgeous, chiming folk-pop with a slightly spooky edge.

Friday is a Ricky and Joe Dance Party! You know how those can be (they can be awesome). The theme this month is Kings and Queens, which could, uh, mean a lot of things. If I were to go as my favorite King it would definitely be Leonidas of Sparta. If I were to go as my favorite Queen it would be either Elizabeth the First or Freddie Mercury. ZING! Because he was in that band, get it?

Friday begins with the angry guitar pyrotechnics of Speed Governor, continues with a set of laconic psychedelia by Chapel Hill’s righteous Embarassing Fruits, and ends with the fist-pumping acousticality of Red Collar vocalist/guitarist Jason Kutchma! It’s gonna be so good I can’t wait except this particular dude is gonna be out of town. If you run into Joe Norkus from Embarassing Fruits, you can tell him that they rocked. Even if they haven’t played yet, you will still be saying a truth.

Guess what time o’ year it be? It’s time to vote on all your favorite stuff in the Independant Best of the Triangle Poll! The Pinhook’s gonna be up for best local bar in Durham country, best place to see Rock n Roll, Best Bartender (vote for Zack), and best place to Chill.

Go here to vote y’all. http://www.indyweek.com/gyrobase/page?oid=411491


Us (and Me)


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