oh god it’s terror pigeon! nooooooo!

YES! There is no escaping the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, who will be shaking the floor here on Wednesday night. These guys are like a traveling freak/medicine show from New York who just generally spread good vibes and total weirdness all over the land. They wear stuffed animals instead of clothes. They eat rainbows instead of food, but sometimes they bake cookies and cup cakes for their audiences. I really can’t describe them that well, but here, you can read about them in THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES. Also, they are on David Byrne’s label. What?

Scorched, soulful fuzzy guys The Shakes play at 10, and Mad Happy brings the electro up from Florida at 9. Make it here!

Movie nights continue to rock on with a month of Shakespeare Adaptations. Tomorrow night, Henry the IV is retold as the story of two young male prostitutes in My Own Private Idaho. Yippeee! See the Kean and the Phoen, in some Gus Van Sant shit.

An Tuesday is another non-shitty Open Mic night, hosted by the electric-oud playing maniac, our buddy Jonathan Thompson.




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