awww yeah it’s the last weekend in February, and we gonna rock it

DAAAAAAAAAAAMN people, there comes a time. A time when winter starts to be over and spring begins to sashay into our lives like a sexy ballerina. That time ain’t come yet, but mark my words it is imminent.

So what we got on the agenda?

THURSDAY – Oh man this is a show for the ages. Humble Tripe, Sean Luby’s latest and greatest project headlines at 11, and the fine young lads of Nervous But Excited take the middle spot with their smart, catchy folk rock. Christy Smith’s Tender Fruit open the show with gorgeous, sultry jams. Christy has one of the best set of pipes around, so get there early. Show starts at The Niner.

FRIDAY – SHIPWRECKER SHIPWRECKER Yaaaa. They got a new album out of eerie countrynautica, creaking masts and fogged in docks. Oh man they are so good, and they are going on a huge hiatus after this, so most definitely do not miss. Mosadi Music holds down the middle with their perfect fusion of jazz, hip-hop, rock, and afrobeat. The Proclivities kick thangs off at 10 on the DOT.

SATURDAY – THE ANCIENT JAPANESE ART OF KARA-OKE comes to The Pinhook, hosted by us! This is a special night, let me hit you with a quote:

“Durham Compelation CD Fundraising Party! James Hepler will be donating a karaoke machine for the night, and we will be accepting some serious donations to spread the word! Here’s what the comp is all about:

The purpose of this compilation is to provide an artifact of the Durham music scene to introduce us to the rest of the country on a grassroots level: Meaning bands take this comp, sell them on tour and keep the cash, thus hopefully supplimenting your tour and exposing the good tunes of Durham.”

I could not have said it better, so I didn’t. Let us hear your talent, and then tunes til close!



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