let’s close february out with a mighty roar

So it is a thing, people. February is waning. March is happening. The weather is already not so bone-jarringly freezing at all times. It could still snow, like, 20 feet. But I don’t think it’s gonna. I don’t think it has the balls.
So let’s say goodbye to the gray-ass month that caps the coldest winter since like that CROATAN thing killed all those settlers so many years ago. I think CROATAN means “harsh-ass winter” in the jargon of terrifed European settlers.

Ok, Forbideen Love Month concludes on Monday with Harold and Maude, one of the funniest damn movies of all time. You will be amazed how sweet the sexual congress of a 17-year old suicidal kid and a 75 year old bad-ass granny with serious joie de vivre can be. Also, you will laugh yr az offff.

Tuesday sees some new shit come to town, as I personally will host a new MUSIC TRIVIA TUESDAY! This is how we roll here people – if your team wins a round, your team wins a DAMN PITCHER. No waiting for the end of the night. You get three chances to win free beer. I don’t really know what the prize for winning the whole thing will be yet. It might be a box of good used DVDs. Actually, that is totally what it will be. WIN THE WHOLE THING AND WIN SOME RAD DVDs like whole seasons of Seinfeld and Family Guy. I don’t need that stuff in my life anymore. But you do, don’t you?

Starts at 9 sharp people. Maximum FIVE members to a team. I will provide pens and paper. You provide your knowledge of music.

Wednesday is some old school bar chillin. Playin’ games shootin pool and just ‘laxin with beers and tall pints of whiskey, no rocks.

There is other rad stuff comin’ up at the end of the week, indlucing shows by Humble Tripe, Shipwrecker, and Mosadi Music. But I’ll tell you all about that stuff on Wednesday.

Let me close here with some info about what’s going down on Saturday, February 27th up in this damn place. We at the Pinhook love local music, especially Durham music. Chaps and Carrb and the ‘Leigh are full of awesome bands, but we feel like Durham has it’s own special thang that deserves to be showcased. So our main idea is to put out a compilation of exclusively bands from D-Town. We will then give copies of the comp to participating bands, and let them do whatever they will with them. Sell them on the road, on their website, or just give the damn things away. We envision this comp as a tool for Durham bands to get our town on the map when they go on the road. It’s gonna rule. We already got bands like Red Collar, Dirty Little Heaters, The Beast, Midtown Dickens, Maple Stave, Humble Tripe, and many more to agree to put tracks on the thing.

Nobody is going to profit monetarily from this, but we also don’t want anybody to get burned on this deal. So Saturday we are holding a FUNDRAISER, with all proceeds going exclusively toward the production of the compilation. Sound like a good idea?

GOOD! So, get ready to party your ass off (and donate $5 bucks) on Saturday night. We got Karaoke. We got DJ’s. We got our bad selves and you got yours.




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