Cats, and two kinds of gras

I am not a fan of cats. Lately I’ve softened to a few of the little hellions, but I still think they are mean and gross and frankly kind of scary. But Ghost Cats? That would send me into paroxysms of terror, if they weren’t actually a great band. Lush, 60s-influenced Americana with a keen sense of humor. They play on Thursday, this is my point with the lame cat thing and all the other things nobody cares about. Just care about the band.

One has the middle spot. Think REM if REM were always chugging whiskey mixed with cough syrup. Pros and Cons opens the show.

Onto the Gras’! New Orleans won the fucking super bowl this year, if you didn’t know that, and it seems like everybody in the country feels really good about that, because of the tragedy, you know. All that bad shit that went down, and now earth is saved because of football. Sorry, I ain’t trying to be a jerk. I actually feel pretty happy for the New Orleanians.

So for Mardi Gras this year, to be like New Orleans, we should all PARTY OUR FUCKING ASSES OFF UNTIL WE ARE PUKING GODS! You get TWO opportunities to do that this weekend, as Ricky and Joe bring the insanity with their Queerdigras party on Friday night. You don’t have to be queer, but it helps! It helps you get laid, I mean. Even without getting laid, however, these parties are incredible, and if you haven’t been to one, come check it the hell out.

Saturday is a slightly more traditional Mardi Gras party, featuring The New Town Drunks, The Kinksmen, Children of the Horn, and the Squares. Fucking jambalaya, totally vegetarian beans and rice. All cake with an action figure in it. All beads. Boobs. The works.

Do It Right, Triangle,



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