old school bar days and some shows to rock yr minds

Well, it snowed! Like a bad muthafucka it snowed and then it froze and everybody was cold slippin’ all over the place! But the show went on! I would like to personally thank everybody that froze their asses off but still rolled mad deep and came to see Fin Fang Foom and the others on Friday night. It was an awesome show, all the bands brought it, and everybodye seemed to have a great time. Speaking of great times, a long walk in the snow is a pretty decent cure for a hangover. Rub that snow all over your throbbing head, it feels gooooooooood.

Anyway, here’s the damn sitch for the weekend people. Thursday night, we ain’t got no show! So show up and enjoy a quiet old-school bar night as Kym totally macks the rude cocktails and frosty brews, all great music fired up on the iPod, all free pool til 8. Backgammon. Connect 4. Definitely.

The tunes start up again on Friday, though, so kick back while you can. Maria Albani’s new project…actually, supergroup…Organos celebrates their album release. I got an advance of the disc, and it is the stuff. Beautiful, dreamy, classic indie rock. Anchoring the show is Birds and Arrows, a band consisting of two people that I would marry if they weren’t already married to each other. These guys are so good, gorgeous rock steeped in cosmic country. Best drum-set in the triangle too. Ye Olde Shoppe opens the thang up. I haven’t heard these guys yet, but I know Wild Wild Geese – their other project – so this promises to be good.

Saturday is totally exciting, as the best band Cary has to offer comes to town. My Majesty in Oxygen: Are they actually insane, or just weird geniuses? Is there a ghost in the band? Come and see. Athens GA’s The Back Pockets and BaroN  open up.

Don’t snow again on Friday please.

– 別針勾子


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