for the dreams of the weekend, we all sing

It’s an interesting sensation, stepping outside and not feeling icicles form in my moustache. It’s nice. It’s…sort of normal.

Anyway, the weekend! It’s time to talk about it

Basically, it’s a three-day miasma of killer live music, with more than one eccentricity and some flat-out skews toward vaporous, inscrutable sonic landscapes. We welcome some mysterious out of towners, as Knoxville’s Shortwave Society brings their twisted take on early-post punk, and How I Became the Bomb brings their radio-ready, bombastic power-pop (plus a seriously interesting Paul McCartney Cover.) Folklore, the massive cosmic-weird-Americana band from Philadelphia…or are they from Athens, GA? BOTH. There are two versions of the band, and the Philly version will be rolling through the Pinhook on Thursday on the way down south to meet up with the Athens version, and, I guess, mate with it.

Saturday sees the incredible Beloved Binge, who we are so pleased to have back with us in our tender bosom after they finished their tour last summer. They got really, really good on that tour, so come check that jam out by gad.



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