Hidden Civilizations and the fictional men who are fond of them

Hello everyone. Please excuse my sober tone. Sometimes the jazz just doesn’t flow…sometimes I am not the man that brings the jazz. Grappling Hook played their last show ever on Saturday. It was amazing, but these are the words of a sad man.

But we can’t wallow in our troubles forever, my nerds, because awesome things are on the three-day horizon and they are flying at us faster than we can dodge. Don’t attempt to dodge. That will make them mad.

Monday is the third installment of Mockumentary Month, featuring probably my favorite film of this series, Forgotten Silver. This is Peter Jackson’s exploration of what an early-20th-century New Zealand film industry would have looked like…if New Zealand contained the never-before-discovered ruins of an Angkoresque civilization beyond its sheep-tended hillsides.

It’s got the dude from Six Feet Under in it, if that means a thing.

Tuesday is another one of our infamous YOUTUBEOFFS. I call it that because I like the word. You know what to do. Come to the bar and show everyone your favorite internet videographizing. It’s easy!


Le Crochet de Pin


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