Goodbye Grappling Hook

So, the weekend is about a million major things, but the main thing is that it is time to say goodbye to one of our favorite bands of ALL TIME, the immaculate Grappling Hook. Dave, in his previous incarnation as Torch Marauder, has rocked the Triangle’s face for many years, combining a keen sense of the ridiculous with a keener sense of what rock n’ roll is supposed to be: big, powerful, and full of dangerous objects swinging inches from your face.

Saturday night is Grappling Hook’s last show. If you’ve never seen them, you really must, or I will hunt you down and break things in your body. Double guitars, the meanest keys in town, Evan from Maple Stave punishing the kit, and the inimicable Dave hurling an actual metal grappling hook around with aplomb and panache. No man has ever wielded the hook with the skill of Dave. It’s a spectacle, sure, and they have a big sense of humor, but the most important thing (as always) is the music, which in the case of Grappling Hook is riveting. We’re sad to see them go, but we’re thrilled to host their swan song. Grappling Hook is Dead, Long Live Grappling Hook.

And that isn’t even all about Saturday night that will both crush and uplift you simultaneously. The other bands on the bill are goddamn incredible. The inimicable Cantwell, Gomez, and Jordan close the show, and CLAWFORM FUCKING A CLAWFORM opens up. If you haven’t seen Colin Booy and his battle-axe banjo, get there early. The banjo is actually perfectly suited to being a metal instrument. All arpeggios. All modulation. All killer chops. Colin can play a damn ‘jo muchachos.

Working backwards, what the hell is going on Friday YOU ASK. Why even ask? It’s MUTHAFUCKIN LONNIE WALKER. Certain memebers of the Pinhook staff played a show with Lonnie Walker at Raleigh Undercover, and believe me these guys bring the intimidation. Dance Punk? Country? Hard-ass Cascade Range indie? Who gives a shit, they are Lonnie Walker and they are great.

AND OH MY MAN OH DAMN GOD IN HELL AND HEAVEN the Moaners open the show. We all know who these guys are, but when do you get to see them play  in Durham? Rarely, that’s when.

Ok, listen, it has to be said. RIP JAY REATARD.

We Love the Living Shit Out All Y’all,



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